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  1. This idiot is just stupid. Tats on your face come on man. Real good rep for the younger kids. Fucktard

  2. -Hi Sam, whats Lee Opinion on a approach for a simple diet – to build up and stay around 8 % Bodyfat –
    Is it healthy to cut down fats even under 50 grams totally for the whole day , Considering doing high carbs/ Protein
    or do i get better results from eating more god fats and go with moderate amounts of carbs ?

  3. Sam can you please ask Lee
    What his most memorable moment in his career had to be? If he asks where I'm from
    Tell him San bernardino, California

  4. Sam can you ask lee about why he trains each body part once instead of twice a week? He does most of the other old school things but that.

  5. Hey Sam, Is there anyway of contacting Lee? I've messaged him on Facebook but it's been sent to his other message box cause we not friends. 

  6. Thanks Sam. Love The Vids. 5 minutes of Lee Is worth more than a lifetime of all these BS pretenders on youtube.

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