Nike Football Rating Championships

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Day 1 of the Opening Finals was all about Nike Football Ratings. Vertical jumps, powerball throws, shuttle runs and straight 40s made it clear these athletes are the best of the best. Check out who dominated the the final round of testing in a special Top 5.


megatron #1 says:

how come I can't be talented like that…😡

Israel Martinez says:

I'm short but I can do better than people my height I'm a phenomenal running back

Ryan Dula says:

Crawford and DPJ going to Michigan

Parganova says:

Song name?

Chris Kizzie says:

i cant wait this year

Manuelcr7 says:

the general improvment in vertical jump over the last decade is amazing. 40" is standard now..
But speed still stays at the same level. That shows how difficult it is to improve pure speed.

robert risdon bobrisdon says:

looks like a crossfit competition; didnt see one FOOTBALL the entire video

Roman Sedano says:

Young elites

Denise Brown says:

over rated fr yea he is athletic but can he b good. on the field most of the guys r over rated at these combines

joel woja says:

what beat is this

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