Better Posture Workout – Exercises to Improve Posture and Prevent Hunched Shoulders

Take a quick break from sitting at the computer and try this feel-good Better Posture Workout that can improve your overall posture, relieve back tension, and fix hunched shoulders. Calorie burn info @
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  1. Kelli, I LOVE your workout pants in this video. Where did you get them from? Would love to see if they are still selling them :)

  2. I am out of breath… and I noticed that my left shoulder hurts a little.. GOOD workouty… Thank you!!!

  3. can someone please tell me how many times we have to do this and how long will it take for results?

  4. So thorough, tried for the first time just nw and already I feel a difference. Especially in my shoulders and neck.

  5. I hunch a lot. I can't even to full arm circles when they go behind my back. And it hurts at the back of my shoulders if I try to squeeze my shoulder blades together

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