Pilates Beginner Reformer WORKOUT with Kathi Ross Nash

http://www.pilatesology.com This quick beginner workout follows a previous class (Apparatus How To — Gratz Reformer) in which Kathi gave detailed explanation on how to properly set up and use the Pilates Universal Reformer. Here, Kathi takes Lynanne through a classical beginner routine on the Reformer to demonstrate the proper flow of the workout for a healthy body. Filmed at American Body Tech, Kathryn Ross-Nash’s Allendale, NJ studio.

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  1. I find all the negative comments on here extremely odd. While I absolutely understand that not every teacher will match everyone's taste, people seem to be misinterpreting the intent of this video. As Kathi clearly explains within the first 30 seconds or so, this video is to demonstrate the strong flow between the beginner reformer exercises for a healthy individual–she clearly states that she won't be doing much correcting and explaining and that that is intentional. The Pilates most people experience has been so watered down that the original work seems foreign. Kathi understands the original intent as she has been trained by no less than 3 first-generation teachers (Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant and Jay Grimes) who learned Contrology (now referred to as Pilates) from Joseph Pilates himself, and has been practicing this method at its highest levels for more than three decades. Who amongst those being so harsh can say the same?

  2. There are some basic moves here, but the speed of some of the exercises is beyond beginner level.
    I wouldn't recommend this video to anyone, let alone a beginner, as there are no proper instructions from the tutor about each exercise.

  3. do people lose weight with pilates? or they use it to increase their muscles or something?

  4. Love pilates, there are a lot of eccentric contractions in the system.

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