How Important is Sleep for Building Muscle?

Hitting the gym and working out is the first thing you need to do to build muscle or get fit. But one thing people ignore is the power of sleep on your gainz. Come find out how not getting enough sleep can actually make it harder to reach your fitness and health goals.

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  1. This speaks to me on so many levels. I was just wondering how sleep affects the gains and this is probably the answer. I work out 5-6 days a week. 1-2 hours every day and I don't seem to gain any muscles. I get stronger but not much progress in mass. Maybe I over trained because one time I was off the gym for like 4 days, came back and set a new record in military press. Did 3 on 154 pounds. But the more I trained, the more I had to go down in weights. Its like I became less strong. wtf. I sleep around 5-6 hours and Work alot but I do get much food. healthy food. I do all my meal preps. Never eat at a restaurant.

  2. I eat pretty much large meals, get little sleep and eat Popeyes like every week and I still have an athletic type body since going to the gym about two months ago.

    Guess having ancestors that endures hundreds of years in slavery comes with its benefits.

  3. this explains why i should have hit a 13 rep pr yesterday but i only hit 6 repetitions. I feel a bit better now after watching your video. Because yesterday i only got 8 and half hours of sleep and on top of that i had to work my than i used too. I was tired and burned out when i tried to workout and hit the pr…..Thank you

  4. Protein shakes and chicken breast are [email protected] myths people keep supporting just because… it is easier to go with stereotypes then think with your own head. It's just this Growth hormone and nothing more. While you're building muscle faster, you're poisoning your body with cancerogens, animal protein and fat that are NOT healthy for you. People can't deny it now, in 2016, when there are SO MANY vegan-bodybuilders around proving them wrong.

  5. I got drowsy just listening on how bad my sleeping schedule actually is.

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