6 Muscle Gaining Mistakes (SLOW OR NO GROWTH!!)

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When it comes to gaining muscle, it’s not just about the workouts and exercises that you do but how you do them. In this video, I cover this and many other muscle gaining mistakes that could be holding you back from building the mass you should be from your workouts. You don’t even have to be a beginner to benefit from this video, as many advanced lifters can still be making many of these mistakes.

The first big workout or muscle gaining mistake is to overtrain. Now despite what you may have been told, overtraining is a very real thing that befalls many lifters during their attempts to build muscle mass fast. They fall for the concept of more is better not realizing that if they are going to attempt to lift without the assistance of ped’s then their capacity to recover will be limited. With a healthy respect for one’s ability to recover from hard workouts, you can carefully walk the line between overtraining and not overtraining and use that to build as much muscle as you can naturally.

That said, the next mistake is even more rampant than the first and that is under training. Simply attending a gym does not grant you the right to build muscle. You actually have to put in the work when you are there if you want to see appreciable muscle gains. Many people will hit the gym and never bring enough intensity to their training to see their muscles grow and grow quickly.

In fact, once you master the balance between over and under training you will see that it is actually not that difficult to tip in your favor. By trading in workout length for intensity you will be able to build muscle mass while working out less. Your increased exercise and workout intensity will lead to faster muscle growth and more time to allow your body to recover and grow back strong.

Speaking of strong, no solid physique is built without becoming strong on your foundation exercises like the bench press, deadlift and squat. That said, many people who struggle to gain muscle are often the same people who skip out on doing these exercises. There is a valid reason for it. These exercises can be intimidating to those who lack the strength and technique to perform them. Opting for easier versions however like concentration curls and pushups is not the answer long term. Start performing these exercises and build your confidence with them and you will see your muscles build and grow as well.

Nutritionally, eating either too few calories or not enough nutrient dense calories will derail your pursuit of more muscle. Nutrition is and always will be a very important part of the equation. If you want to gain muscle you need to have your diet plan and meal plans in place to support your new muscle growth. Stop thinking that just because you are getting in enough calories that you have the goods to grow muscle. You may not. If you don’t have enough quality, nutrient dense calories coming in you will find it almost impossible to gain muscle fast or at all.

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pro dominatrix says:

You say don't over train, but to be specific, for example cheat, how many exercises if your going sets of 3 is good before your overtraining

Jon Jolet says:

Nice guy, I heard he used to be on heroin though.

dopeburger says:

Ask Mike Rashid if overtraining is real

Akhii AbuMusa (AbuMusa) says:

what's nutrition dense food? I don't understand what I'm supposed to eat. should I use gainers and will they help

could someone please help

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ways to get yourself hungry XD

SneakerShopTalk says:

How much do you think is an adequate amount of time of rest for a muscle before training it again?

Noreen Purple says:

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell it like it is!!👍🏻💪🏻🏋

dallaskubano214 says:

Didn't really understand why overtraining is bad for you since most body builders do a crap load of sets and reps and don't even do heavy weights they do decent weight with great form

GO! Go! Zeppeli! says:

sorry but you were not painfully thin……

nick saveka says:

Seems like that Scott Herman tried mimicking this video !

Trumble2007 says:

Do you take debit cards? I'm wanting to buy one of your programs

RoMaverick ! says:

I felt like rubbish for the past few months and this video made me feel like I need to change. For the first time in 6 months I felt like I was about to cry. I started smoking, I am too lazy to eat and my job is killing me but guess what. I will change and one day I will speak to this guy through whatever means possible and I will thank him. I won't do it for you, I will do it for myself but you are the person that made me want to change and I have been following you for ages. Thank you.

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