Venice, California provides the perfect environment for the complete fitness life. It’s where the sport of bodybuilding began, it’s by the beach, and it’s home to the world’s greatest gym, Gold’s.
IFBB Men’s Physique Pro Stan Imal moved from Switzerland to Venice to live the fitness life – and says his physique has reached new levels because of it. Here, he takes us on a guided tour – not just of the area, but of the complete lifestyles on offer.
Stan is shortlisted for the
‪#‎BodybuildingComSpokesmodel‬ for 2016.
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Snapchat, Twitter and Periscope: @stanimal9
Facebook: Stanimal
YouTube channel: Stan imal

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  1. "Fitness Life" … lives 5min from beach and gym…drive with car 😀 😛 no hate just wondering

  2. Stan Imal in the comments section!!! 👏👏👏 that's how you stay in touch with the fans!!! Much respect fam!!!

  3. very nice lifestyle and i love the fact that you chase your dream so intense, but doesn't it get boring to live almost the same every day?

  4. Amazing video. My question is how he makes money for living in such an expensive area?

  5. how can I , that I live in Spain , travel to LA and life like this , how achieve a fitness job , how achieve de passaport , this vídeo is exactly my dream

  6. I'll never forget training at Golds, can't imagine being able to train their everyday!

  7. I'm sorry if this is a rude question, but is he a fitness model for a living or does he have a different job. He seems to have quite a lot of time during his day

  8. I really enjoyed this video, should definitely do more like this style of the video.

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