Game Theory: FNAF Sister Location DECODED! (FNAF 5)

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Since the day FNAF Sister Location was announced, you’ve asked for theories about it! At first I didn’t think there could be anything to say before the game actually came out, but I did my homework, dug into everything we know about the game…and found a few surprises. The result is today’s theory, where I make my predictions for the latest iteration of FNAF…months before it even comes out! Am I right? Only time will tell…

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RainbowGold Nicky says:

Does anyone know which suit Henry's son was stuffed into? I haven't read the book and I'm a little curious:)

Tâm Nguyễn says:

can you make a theory video about Vlad and Clara?

Mai Fakaraney says:

you made this throy Is wrong here is the throy of funtime foxy is not mangle1 if you see jacksepteye ep 2 of fnaf sister location mangle will be in the ceiling

Sena Jaxson says:

I don't think Pigtail Girl is Baby. I think Pigtail Girl is actually William Afton's daughter, whom Circus Baby was based off of. They all have ginger hair and green eyes, as shown in the end of the Circus Baby cupcake mini-game when all the children have been fed and the ice cream is dropped. A little girl with ginger curls,  a pink-red dress, and bright green eyes walks up to Baby is turned into ice cream. As Baby reveals earlier in the game, she killed a little girl, who was, as LATER found out, Afton's daughter, and turned her into ice cream. Afton would never let his daughter play with the animatronics or even watch their shows, and she couldn't understand. It would make sense that she would start hearing "crazy theories" or overhear stuff around her father about the animatronics' murderous ttendencies.

Nosyepic o says:

Exotic Butters

Rick Preston says:

where is the puppet in fnaf 1

Sonic Logan says:

are you kidding me I haven't even gotten past the first chapter I'm reading the actual novel quit spoiling it for me!!!!!!!!!

bossboisavage 5 says:

wow im back after the game and he got it right it is a project testing facility

Autumn McShane says:

Wait mat said a newer puppet but what if it is the older one

Lukas “LukasDoesMC” Pride says:

I don't know why but when I got Silver Eyes it was only 398 pages

Nick Mallory says:

hmmmm matyy paty youre proably.right

Skeleton Gamer says:

baby was deactivated all along!! the end of the trailer wasn't a jumpscare it was baby being scooped!!

Rose Thorns says:

I still don't understand the Out of Service animatronic ok tbh I don't understand the whole sister location game at all

Lydric “Hecking Egg” Kerebro says:

"Afton Robotics…"

slams head on wall
has flashbacks of buying the book

The Redrock says:

you forget golden freddy

Dark Wolf says:

You're awesome…

Driftin Trueno says:

RIP Chica
You will be loved. (Although, you did kill people…)

Tobytyty101 says:

Okay so if Ennard is a culmination of all the animatronics, who's OOS?

Elle_Bella gaming says:

This will get lost in the comments

Viktor Gaming says:

It's been almost 2 months since sl has been out and on night one handy unit said its a pizza place!!!!!! So worst theory ever

Steven Radtke says:

you are purple guy in fnaf sister location

Untamed King Koako says:


PokeFan says:

the creepiest animations are the minireenas and the puppet

Anthony McGuire says:

matpat check the schedule that Scott made in the code against the game play please. I think it holds importance of the whole story.

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