AMAZING TREADMILL WORKOUT: Watch fitness trainer Leo Cort run across six treadmills on live TV

Crunch Fitness personal trainer Leo Cort tackles treadmill workouts in a way few people could. Picture it: six treadmills. All of them running on 6.0. What would happen if you ran across ALL OF THEM?

Cort says he wondered the same thing– so he tried it. And on Wednesday, he tried it on live TV.

Our cameras were rolling as Cort bounced– no, danced– from treadmill to treadmill, and back again– all while talking to Good Day DC’s Wisdom Martin. Cort says he’s never fallen, and he can run back and forth across them for up to an hour and a half so far.

Full story:

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  1. lmao. the speaker was like hell naw let me fake it to make it so don't put the camera on me..

  2. "What would happen if you ran across ALL OF THEM?" If I ran 6.0 on 1 treadmill I'd eat crap lol

  3. "How to tie up five treadmills and piss everyone off and achieve 0 added benefit vs using one treadmill."

  4. That's good! When I opened the video I thought "this will be pants"! But it was pretty talented. Nice!

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