Berliners have gained something of a reputation for partying hard. But as a place to get in shape? Not so much. Now though, fitness clubs in the Germany capital are looking to bring that nightlife [More]
Episode #2 of Weekly EDGEucation 3 Tricep Exercises 1. Kettlebell Overhead Extensions 2. Dumbbell Kickbacks 3. Bench Dips Each week we’ll feature a new fitness tip to help you reach your fitness goals! Watch as [More] 1-877-The-Edge Get YOUR Edge in Life Today!
Take a tour of Life Time’s newest club in Garden City, New York with General Manager Phil Zerante. He’ll show you everything you can do in your Life Time, and how we are committed to [More]
Herbalife Fitness and Nutrition Clubs are at the heart of how Herbalife is helping people change their lives. While customers get coached by their Herbalife Coach toward fitness, back at the nutrition club they’re introduced [More]
Doing excercise is the best way to keep oneself fit and healthy. Health clubs and gyms are places where you exercise in a systematic manner. But often people are scared of misconceptions and wrong ideas [More]
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Find everything you need to live fitter and healthier at 24 Hour Fitness Ultra-Sport Clubs. With thousands of feet of premium workout space, Super-Sport clubs offer top-notch strength and cardio machines, group exercise classes, personal [More]
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