The Polar Heart Rate Monitor F11 – Heart Rate and Fitness Testing Analysis Training Tool

There are many great heart rate monitor watches on the market that are suitable for different types of fitness training. A watch that can measure your current fitness level, and even set up an exercise program in order for you to improve your fitness level is the Polar Heart Rate Monitor F11 watch.

Polar have a series of fitness watches known as the “F” series, that are designed prominently as fitness watches that provide basic heart rate training and other advanced features that can assist you in the pursuit of greater

The Polar F11 heart monitor watch delivers zone based heart rate training functionality. This feature allows you to manually set a heart rate zone upper and lower limit based on either your maximum heart rate, or real-time beats-per-minute level. The watch can also auto-configure zones based on your personal details via a feature known as the Polar OwnZone. Once a heart rate zone is activated, the watch will issue an alert when your heart rate falls outside of this zone limit via an audio or visual alert. The Polar F11 also offers the Polar OwnCal, a sophisticated calorie measuring tool that reports how many calories you have burned in your workout sessions as well as an approximation of the percentage of body fat you have burned.

The Polar Fitness watches do a great job of creating a summary of your workouts for a single session as well as over a longer period. The F11 has a great training diary feature that allows you to scroll back through past results and review your progress to-date. Such statistics as total exercise time, maximum and average heart rate and total time within a zone are presented in an easily digested format. The F11 also includes the Polar personal trainer software package that can help you to analyze your training data (via a Polar data transfer add-on) and can even let you upload your details to Polar’s online community portal where you can share your experiences with like-minded Polar users.

The Polar Heart Rate Monitor F11 watch is renown mostly for its fitness testing features. It features the Polar OwnIndex, which takes your heart rate at rest and uses it to approximate your VO2 Max – a fitness metric that is widely regarded as a strong indicator of your aerobic ability. The Polar F11 watch will also represent your fitness trends on its graphical display. The watch also feature, perhaps it’s most notable feature, the Keep U Fit exercise program guide. Keep U Fit takes you through regular fitness tests, then presents you with an indicator of your current fitness level. You can then elect to have the feature create a customized training program that will increase your fitness or sustain your current level. In other words, this Polar watch is a great training advisor as well as a great heart rate fitness training tool.

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