World Record Spinning Indoor Cycling Class set by Life Time Fitness 1052 Participants I participated in the Ride Of a Life time world record Spinning indoor cycling class on march 7th 2010 in Minneapolis MN. 1052 was the official number, certified by a representative from Guinness World Records

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  1. Nice work capturing an incredible act of organisation. I once moved just 10% (110 bikes) to a hotel for an 8 hour ride and it takes a lot more coordination than you'd first imagine. Did the people soak up the sound a little?
    @bradebunch: it's nice to see you've conquered that negative self esteem. I'm the best instructor on my side of the bed in our house (she teaches Zumba but it's still an achievement, right?)

  2. I am a spinning instructor,I've been doing it for fourteen years and I am very good at it! I'm very passionate about spinning and I know with out a doubt I am the best instructor in Ohio! I have been through a lot and I use all of my challenges to motivate others and myself,there is no difference between a master instructor and myself.

  3. @Alexrhone2011 does cycling help with the abs? I'm seeing little results with jogging which i've been doing for a while now. Someone recommended indoor cycling to me,so i'm giving it a try, but my abs are in bad shape.

  4. Ok there is something that buggs the hell out of me with indoor cycling. One of the biggest things about cycling is you DO NOT engage your Core. When you engage your core you restrict your breathing and your heart rate goes up. You also take valuable energy away from your legs. Yes, you do need a strong core while cycling but you work on your core outside of cycling. I'm a Spinn instructor and I tell my students to let it all hang out. Relax on the bike and enjoy the ride. 

  5. Thanks for your comments and yes, it would be cool if there was footage of everyone twirling their towels, all 1052 of us!

  6. Wish there was more footage of the actual class, it was mesmerizing to watch all of us in motion in the video. Wish there was video of us doing the "towel helicopter" from the stands.

  7. Great job, John! Great to meet you as well!!! LOVE the play by play…amazing energy and what a day for Life Time Fitness!

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