How to Make Rejuvelac, The Fermented Super Drink

- January 17, 2017



How to Make Rejuvelac, The Fermented Super Drink

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Rejuvelac is a cultured probiotic-rich drink made by fermenting freshly sprouted grains in water. It first became popular in the 1960’s under the influence of living food enthusiast Dr. Ann Wigmore, the original founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute. Born in Lithuania,

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  • My parents attended a "seminar" advertising the "benefits" of a Miraculous Rejuvelac Process in the late 1980's... The Chief Attendant, according to my parents, stated that "The benefits were as such, that the (Guide) could cut off his own arm, and it would regrow. My Father, reportedly, upon hearing this Drivel, told the Gentleman in General, to "Cut off his arm, and that (He'd watch) it Actively regrow...! As you might guess, this "Bet" was left , unanswered...!

    skipchat - 2 months ago

  • Does anybody else have trouble sprouting grains like me.?

    Joe Stolzenberger - 3 months ago

  • will it make me poop?

    Art Z - 4 months ago

  • Now I am starting to rethink my fermented food intake if there is candida in it. I am trying to remove the over population I already have.

    Robert M - 5 months ago

  • Excuse me- where are the instructions to make rejuvelac? There is only your ad here.

    Norman Spurgeon - 5 months ago

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