Top 3 Whey Protein Powder | (Guru Mann’s top 3 choices)

What are my choices for Whey Protein. Check out the video for your Answers.
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  1. liked the video guru mann, can you please give the review on Nitrotech muscletech performance series.

  2. my hands are shaking these days ( hand tremors )


    should i quit gymming or not?????

  3. Is it true dat if im taking whey protein for some month's and then suddenly i stop taking it will it decrease my muscle mass???😯

  4. Sir please share your review over Bio X Extreme whey protein powder. Which is an Canadian brand.

  5. Sir,can i take "Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder" as protein supplement for post workout or pre workout. Because i don't trust these whey protein or other protein brands in India.and they are too expensive.

  6. 1. Dymatize Iso-100
    2. Syntha-6 Isolate
    3. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

    There you go. I just saved 7 minutes of your life. Thank me later. :)

  7. sir plz review ON serious mass…and muscle tech massgainer … confused what to opt for ….

  8. I wanted to ask one thing, how do we know that these powders work ?
    Only 10 % effect how is that calculated?

    For the same money spent on powder one can have eggs and chicken and they are so much effective.

    My point is leave the articles, just tell how can you actually say if it is effective at all?

    2 things – Great Exercise + Great Diet = Results
    Great Exercise + Great Diet + Whey = ?? How much change, how you track it ?

  9. mr guru maan ek baat btaeia ki if we tkn proper diet n al then y should we take supplement n al
    i mean supplement to tab lete hai na jab humari diet achi nhi hoti : diet achi ho toh body ban he jaati hai m confuse!!

  10. im from india ..pls make a review video on sattu and sooji.. r they good for lean bulk?
    thank u (:

  11. sir is it ok to take protein while concentrating on abs ? I mean will it make difficult to loose weight .
    BTW i am using ON gold standard whey

  12. hello sir, I have confusion on pre-workout supplements, in some programs you have mentioned taking C4 only as pre-workout or in some it can be C4+BCAA or in general it can be BCAA / WHEY protein only. Please, could you tell what is the best combination for the pre-workout supplement as I am into boxing and with your videos I have got lots of benefit in terms of nutrition & about diet plan but now really confused with pre supplements. Please, please, please reply like in general what could be the best because some people cannot afford everything and what could be the best for anyone in general.

  13. Sir, where to buy supplements in India? There are many fake supplements that are being sold in india. So, can i buy from Please make a video regarding it. It will really help sir 🙂 Thank you :)

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