Protein Powders for Weight Loss!

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I am constantly asked about if protein powders cause weight loss, or if someone should buy a protein powder to lose weight! This video should answer those questions!
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Kindra Jahns says:

ɷ Heeeeyyy Frienddsss I Have Founddd Greattt Guidee On Weight Lose visittttt : –

adisa gemma says:

all supplements are garbage. just eat the right food. if you want to look great you need vitamin S which almost all youtubers take

Alexandra Prado says:

I LOVE your videos!

John Garcia says:

I drink isopure vanilla, w/ 12 oz of milk, 1 banana, 2 tablespoons of pb, mix and then over ice. It's awesome.

Harsh Patani says:

which is best fat burner capsules or protein ??

angel “CreativeCraftin” wingz says:

Thanks for the great info

Ian Cooper says:

Can't I get one in the market that has the same outcome or ingredients. I would rather buy it with food stamps 😂😂

Ian Cooper says:

I love how someone loses weight they look happy and healthy. Not to mention some including him looks sexy smaller… Just my opinion!

angelina seranian says:

I honestly don't know why you don't have a lot more subscribes…. Keep it up!!

Nia Scott says:

Heee is soo f hot

James Arsenault says:

great vid good advice

Mohamed Al-Bulushi says:

Is it good for a 14 year old?

lllCharger43lll says:

I bought a cheap at Walmart since I couldn't find gold standard protein called body fortress what's your opinion on it ? Thanks

Blue HP says:

cheapest one in terms of grams of protein per penny I've found is the 5 pound Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard on Amazon. Lasted me like 2 months.

Joshua McCalla says:

You'gon lose some weight lol

chazz19 says:

Could you please do more nutrition videos to help us newbs? :D

Lio Sal says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH, I've been looking for a video to explain protein powder, and the benefits.

Holy Interiano says:

1g per lean body weight is too much in my opinion. When the body doesn't need more protein then it will spike insulin and when that's spiked you can't lose weight. I recommend .8 per lean body mass.

david Stillow says:

much help bro thanks

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