How To Use Protein Powder: Simple Step-By-Step Guide







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How To Use Protein Powder: Simple Step-By-Step Guide

In today’s video I answer 3 straightforward questions…

1) What is the best protein powder to take?
2) How much protein powder should you use per day?
3) When is the best time to take protein powder?

Although many beginners tend to think of protein powder as being some sort of fancy, high-tech muscle building supplement, it’s really nothing more than a way of meeting your daily protein needs in a more convenient manner.

Protein powders are derived from whole food sources, and so asking “how to take protein powder” is really no different from asking “how to take chicken” or “how to take salmon”.

So, if you enjoy the taste or convenience factor of protein shakes and/or protein powder recipes, then including them in your diet is obviously a good idea.

However, if you’d prefer to just meet your daily protein intake from regular solid food sources, that’s fine too and your bottom line bodybuilding results won’t differ in the big picture.

As for the 3 questions above…

How To Use Protein Powder:

1) Best Protein Powder To Take:

When it all comes down to it, any basic protein powder is ultimately fine to use as part of your muscle building or fat loss diet.

Although certain sources like whey or egg are higher quality on a gram for gram basis, the issue of quality gradually becomes less important in the context of a complete diet where overall protein needs for the day as a whole are being met.

This is because your body only requires a finite amount of amino acids to max out your muscle building capability over a given time period, and as long as you’re getting enough total protein from a variety of sources (about 0.8-1g per pound of body weight daily), those amino acid needs will usually be met pretty easily.

My default recommendation is to use a blend of whey isolate/whey concentrate because it tastes good, mixes well and is cost-effective (check above for my recommended powders), but egg or casein are also acceptable choices if you prefer them for some reason.

Or, if you’re vegan or would just prefer a plant based protein powder, then brown rice protein, soy protein, pea protein or vegan blends are fine as well. (Side note: I would recommend men consume no more than 30g of total soy protein per day just to be on the safe side)

The only other thing to make sure of when selecting the best protein powder for you is that the product is not amino spiked. (More info:

2) How Much Protein Powder To Use:

This is just an issue of personal preference and depends how much of your protein intake you prefer in liquid form or in solid form.

My general guideline is that having up to half of your total protein intake in the form of protein powder is fine depending on your preference.

3) Protein Powder Timing:

There won’t be anything special about taking protein powder at any one specific time of day over another.

So, if you prefer it for breakfast, pre or post workout, after dinner or before bed, any of these times will be fine. Just base it on what is most convenient and most enjoyable for you.

So, is protein powder necessary? No, but for most average lifters it is a good way of improving the convenience of your diet, and shakes/protein powder recipes can be quite enjoyable taste wise as well.

If you do decide to include a whey protein powder or some other form of protein powder in your diet, just follow the 3 guidelines above and you’ll be all set.

The question of “how to use protein powder” is very straightforward as you can see, and much of it is just a matter of your own personal preference in terms of taste and convenience.

Hope you found this basic protein powder guide helpful.

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  1. Quick question, I weight 120 lbs I want to bulk up, how much grams of protein should I take a day? 120grams? Or over that? Also I don't count my calories but I usually don't eat more than I burn in a day. Are calories also important when trying to bulk up?

  2. hello want to loose weight 40 kg quickly I am doing cycling since 1 week how much cyclinh shud i do and whole day how much protien powder shud i take …i had lost 22 kg in 9 months with vegetable simppe diet no rice sugar or white flour etc but again i have gain due to some emotional ups n down demotivation n Now again with full positivity i have started cycling ..please advice I AM FROM INDIA THANK U SO MUCH

  3. Eloquent and very sensible explanation that is as good as medical specialist lecture to other professionals to ordinary people about food and how humab body works.

  4. Hey Sean, it's a very interesting video but I wonder if you could maybe help me with a few questions. 1) Is there any particular way you should store your protein stock? I mean, if I just have the jar lay on the floor throughout the time I use it, it won't deteriorate? 2) I'm actually kind of both reducing fat and building muscle at the time, however my body fat is rather low (about 18%) and once I start doing cardio workout (should be about a week from now), I'm pretty sure I can go below 15. But if I want to go for muscle building, will I need to start taking in more calories again or just some protein shake after workout will suffice?

  5. should u take some carbs with your protein in your post meal to help shuttle the protein into the muscle? like white rice for example..

  6. thanks for the information.
    What do you think of this. take a whey protein shake before and after workout. after would have added creatine and take bcaa during workout.

  7. 1)what if I want to totally depend on protein shake how much content should I take ??
    2)which time will be effective to take shake pre or post or during workout??

  8. so when I'm working out, how much should I drink during my workout? I usually drink a lot of water so I don't think I can do that if I only have a limited amount of whey protein. Also which whey protein is best muscle gain? also how does whey protein make you lose more fat? And when do I drink for pre workout and after workout? thanks in advance

  9. Great video ! 😀 i wanted to see your response on, how much protein powder to take not damaging your liver and kidneys?

  10. Great video Sean! Answered a question that I had about the differences between whey concentrate and whey isolate. I have started to buy 2 kg containers of 100 % whey protein from London Drugs for roughly $ 42 a container. Has a more cocoa taste to it and not very sweet but I am enjoying it.

  11. Hi Sean! 🙂 thanks for a great straight forward recap of all your previous protein powder posts! 🙂 I just wanted to ask – the recommanded 3 separate feedings are just to prevent stomch ache or something more? Thanks :)

  12. Great video. Have you done a review on Yohimbine? shows some impressive data. I was curious to know your thoughts.

  13. hi sean i want to some help first of all i want a lean body amd also grow biceps 15 or 1 inch more enough i try high carbs but result fat level increase and now i do fat reduce and muscle gain both but what i perfect diet low carb or high carb for only muscle gain and size

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