Free Weights vs Machines for Big Delts (6 Studies Explained) | Vegas Hotel Room Tour

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  1. So basically, train however the hell you enjoy training! 🙂 Great info again man!

  2. Jeff, as a new subscriber to your channel, I like how you combine your workouts, references to scientifically-based articles, videos of what you eat and time spent with others (e.g., your mom, Josh and Pat). Yours is my favorite you tube self-improvement channel and I look forward to every program that you upload

  3. Love the informative videos! Would love to see one on heavy weight/lower reps vs. lower weight/higher reps

  4. Best videos! It's nice that you include so informative training tips while still sharing your life through vlogs!

  5. These videos are awesome! you bring up a lot of studies that I havn't come across myself, which is always very helpful.

  6. you're kind of a cunt for using 6 napkins to dab greasy eggs. why couldn't you just factor that fat into your daily allowance? really obnoxious

  7. Keep the science videos coming man! 🙂
    Came across you a few weeks ago and I've been linking your back science video to some friends that really did appreciate it :)

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