Weight Training Workout for Weight Loss – Fat Burning Functional Strength Training Workout

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Kelli is using PowerBlock’s Adjustable Dumbbells, you can find them here:

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  1. Great workout! One thing I noticed during her deadlifts were the her legs looked hyper-extended! A slight bend in both knees is safer!

  2. wow that was way harder than I thought it would be while I was just watching it! great workout, made me sweat so bad!:)

  3. This was great….I really liked a few of the exercises but disliked others, did it all….Thanks!

  4. FYI : I watched the entire ad, Subscribed the Canon's youtube page 😛 my way to Thank you for this video :D

  5. Hard to focus on your workout when one of your trainer is so hot, she can set your house on fire.

  6. hello fitness blender! how many times do I have to do this workout per week and how many days do I have to rest?

  7. Hi! How many times per week should I do it to lose weight?? Thanks =)

  8. Hi Kelli–Your back looks straight during the "dead lift reverse flys," but mine is curved. Curious if this could be due to lack of strength or a leg stance error?

  9. wait… This workout was so fucking hard omg. I thought it will be easy but gad, that was one of the hardest workout i've done ' god knows i've done so many of yours). Thank youuuuuuu!

  10. @FitnessBlender: Hey Kelly. Do you do quite heavy weight training? Or high-rep weights? You look fantastic. Lean, strong. I'm asking because the videos that you post are mostly high rep so I'm interested to know if this is normally how you train or if you do more progressive loading as well. Thank you.

  11. Got to about 20mins of this and nearly died!! A new video I will push myself to the end! Thanks fitness blender for all your amazing videos! Been using you guys for 3/4 months and have notice a more toned happier healthier self thanks to you guys! XxxxX

  12. oh my god this is painful. Only got to 18 minutes, can't wait to hopefully do all three rounds next time!

  13. Ermahgerd! This was amazing! I don't like to waste my time exercising so am always looking for challenging yet simple circuits around the 30 min mark and that's exactly what this was. The moves were basic – lunges, squats, presses – but so effective at targeting multiple muscle groups at once! My heartrate never dropped from my warm up thanks to being able to choose fairly heavy weights with only 14 reps per move. I was worried the lack of music might be weird but, surprisingly, just listening to my own breathing was quite motivational. Great stuff. And they have so many I can pick a new one each day for, like, ever!

  14. first attempt on this workout
    made it to the end of round 2……
    next time all 3 rounds
    looks easy….but its brutal!!!

  15. The first day i tried this workout i only managed to do half of it (15mins) or a set of each. The next morning my body ached. However i continue to do it and im on my third day and managed to do the whole workout ( struggled abit). Great videos luv it

  16. Nice workout, that's it what I need, no impact and strength exercises, thanks for sharing.

  17. kelly and daniel you're absolutely great! i just finished one of your fitnessblenders and i saved this in my fav, can't wait to do it tomorrow! i lost almost 1 kilo per month thank to your videos!

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