Weight Training Exercises — Tips For Putting On Size

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Weight Training Exercises #1
I guarantee every time you go to the gym you will see a guy who lifts extremely heavy weights and appears very very strong. You’ll notice this guys muscle gains are not indicative of the weight he’s lifting. If fact you will likely see another, smaller guy lifting much less weight, but with much more muscle. Which would you rather be?

Weight Training Exercises #2
If your goal is to pack on a lot of size you want to stimulate the muscle. In order to do this you must be explosive, keep tension on the muscle and control the negative. Most guys you see lifting super heavy weight are by passing all these important factors and just using momentum. So if you want to pack on size be sure to control every movement you make and to never ever rely on momentum.

Weight Training Exercises #3
In order to gain muscle mass and increase strength you have to do these three things. 1. completely focus on and engage the muscle you are working. 2. Always control the weight on the way down, if you can’t control the negative then the weight is too heavy for you. 3. Evaluate the muscle pump, after you have finished a set, your muscle must feel engorged with blood and the skin should be stretching over the muscle.

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  1. Great info. Can you please send a link to the women's workout channel you had some time ago? Thanks.

  2. could yoy mix them up and try to build both with results maybe switch one week build one week strength?

  3. It is the right video which gives you a right and correct information….

  4. the small guys usually lift more due to neurological adaptation not bad technique.. take Richard Hawthorne for instance.

  5. So simple but makes a lot of sense. Most important video I've watched that puts you in check.

  6. Good tips. This is true. Im doin 115 on bench press but high rep 14-18 controlled movement, and i respond better to lighter weights than the heavy weights

  7. You know what really pisses me off everyone jumps on the bandwagon that their on roids just because people eat right and work out doesn't mean their on roids 

  8. Some key words should be "control" and "peak contraction". I have worked at bodybuilding since 1978 as a supplement to a pro cycling career. Then went full time bodybuilding after cycling retirement for 10 years. As I learned the "art" of perfect articulation (movement) I noticed my size gained but the weight did not. The stricter the movement the less weight needed for full "pump" as you say. I offset this light weight with heavy lifting in the 3-6 rep range to keep the muscles off balance and growing. I never see anyone in the gym lifting in control, the bench press being the worse. Control in the bench would be the opposite of how you see everyone else lift. Start by lowering the weight in control and stopping at the bottom of the movement, contract your chest and begin the up phase, do not stop at the top and begin the negative phase in control. Just one exercise and example. Then for size always remember, lifting weight provides the stimulus for growth, but rest is where grow occurs. Make sure you are recovered before working a muscle group, better over-recovered than under!

  9. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about weight lifting course try Basarto Weightlifter Warrior Blueprint (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  10. Ok, so I have a lot of questions and hopefully someone will answer them. #1) I have always heard that if you want bigger biceps you have to lift heavier. After watching this video, I'm guessing that is a myth. #2) I have also heard that you should add weight every week. That has always boggled my mind. How can I do that?

    #3) Now my scenario and problems: I work out at home mostly using free weights. As far as my chest is concerned I am able to lift a decent amount of weight and I am seeing results. My biceps are another story. I am seeing very slow results. I started out with 20 pound dumbbells doing curls. I was able to do 20 reps so I decided its now time to move onto 25 lbs. Using 25 lbs I can do a set of 12 reps then it declines to 8 reps and then 7. I have been doing this for maybe 3-4 weeks now. So today i decided to move up to 28 lbs and I had a lot of difficulty lifting it. I did a set of 10 reps and then I couldn't do more than 3-4 reps. Also, like the video said, I felt no blood rushing to my arms even though I swear I wasn't swinging. Was that due to the low rep count? When do you know you are ready to lift more weight? I am having a lot of issues with this especially with my arms. My arms are gaining strength and size at a snail's pace.

  11. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover ways to build muscle fast try Greega Hyper Growth Guru (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it. 

  12. I'm trying to get into smaller sized clothes…I guess no type of rep weight lifting would be good for me at all then, huh? I've already got the size I'm happy with…I'm just trying to slim down…the muscles are there but so is the fat too.

  13. Very helpful, but I missed what steroid stack your buddy uses for gaining muscle size. You are lying if you say he is not cranking.

  14. lift with proper form, gradually increase weight over time, don't miss workouts, give yourself enough rest, eat a lot food good food. . lift heavy weights and you will grow. 100%, and aha lift compound exercises. that is all what you need to know…

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