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  1. Hello! I'm a beginner I weight 154pounds I think I'm "Skinny Fat". I don't want to get bulky ether. I want to lose weight everywhere & build lean muscle all over my body. should I gain weight first or lose weight first? how many times a week should I workout& what kind of workouts? i also want to have big round butt, small waist, lean thin arms etc… any suggestions? Thank You!☺ Love your Videos by the way♡!

  2. It isn't true that we will always have the same number of fat cells. That theory was disproven. Search "adipocyte apoptosis" for technical medical info.

  3. the guy is stupid. she's a girl so she trains like a girl. duh. And it's a good thing! girl power! stupid!

  4. Why is everyone so offended by him saying she got the body by not training like a girl. All he meant is that she worked really hard towards her body. And he looks how,great couple!

  5. I have done weight training on and off a couple of times and it makes me feel starving all the time! Is that just the way it is, or is there a type of food that I can eat to keep away the hunger pains?

  6. Great video until the guy at the end of the video said "all from hard work and NOT training like a girl". So if she's a girl, and she trained hard and got the amazing results she did, how is that not training like a girl? I understand its a phrase that's been etched into society and popular culture as a harmless insult but actually think about what you are saying when you use the phrase "like a girl" as an insult. You are putting down an entire half of the population and delegitimizing any and everything they do even if it is hard work.

  7. 😄 I actually thought the guy at the end was pretty funny! and its nice to see guys supporting women who are interested in resistance. My boyfriend is very supportive of me doing it too, but I've been doing it less than a year so still a beginner.

  8. YOu are just talking about yourself girl! Weight Training Versus Cardio Training -that's what you should talk about

  9. And not training like a girl?? She is a Girl you dumb ass!

  10. I think what the guy at the end meant was that typically, women do more cardio (as a fitness go-to) and men do more weights. So not working out "like a girl" would just mean to try more weight training. 

  11. I have started lifting weights that are heavier and I am noticing my clothes getting tighter and my weight going up a bit. I am 5'9.5'' and 139. I just do not know whether to keep lifting heavy or not?

  12. Woo you're a nurse ! I find it so hard to eat right when I'm working, especially since we don't have time to even pee sometimes. How do you eat right and find time to eat when nursing is such a busy job ?  

  13. "A hunk like me" do everyone a favour buddy and go take that wreckage of a nose for a walk

  14. You are amazing. I'm 43 years old 6"1 200lbs I have 4 lil ones. You have motivated me to go hard. and change my eating habit. I will be following your videos in the gym. And I'm confident that I will get positive results. Thanks

  15. Cant take a girl seriously unless she can bench press 225 pounds for 5 clean reps.

  16. Hi Flavia, I've been going to the gym for a month now and am determined to be in the best shape of my life by the end of this year. I've been watching a lot of videos and reading up on women lifting heavy weights and all the women who have the physique I want lift weights. So I made an appointment with a fitness instructor for next week so he can show me the ropes and show me where to start and I can work my way up. Decided to talk to him about what I want today before our session and he was absolutely adamant that women should not lift heavy and I need to lose weight first before I can even think about building muscle. This goes against everything I've been researching as more muscle will help me lose weight even faster. My top goal is being strong. I told him this and he was downright rude about it and said he knows what he's talking about and I should go to a nutritionist first to get info on the right foods to build muscle because that all happens in the kitchen not from lifting heavy weights. He also said I'm going to get huge and look like a body builder so I need to use small weights repeatedly. I'm so frustrated and don't know what to do. I cancelled our session because I want to train with someone who believes in what I'm trying to achieve.

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