HIGHEST Max Vertical in the WORLD!!?? Daniel Kabeya is a FREAK!

Daniel Kabeya might be the highest jumping human being I’ve ever seen in person. One of the few people in this world who probably has a LEGIT 50 inch max vertical. The ease in which he gets his head to the rim is ridiculous! Do you think he is the highest jumper??

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  1. Why in the world doesnt he dunk with his head instead of hitting stuff on the rim!?

  2. Oh so gravity just gone forget about this nigga huh? ok gravity…

  3. That's the first time I've ever seen someone get their head over the rim. There's a part that got cut off where his hand was on a later jump, did he touch the top of the backboard too (another thing I've never seen)?

  4. whats the name of the song that played and what type is it is it just instrumental or what because its like my type of music its sweet. i wish i had hops like that.

  5. Man … That just looks like fun …

    Like, one of those dreams where you suddenly keep jumping higher and higher, and it's all euphoria …

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