44″ Vertical Jump

The Flight System

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  1. I just realized that in the first attempt he does actually jump 42 inches, while in the second he only does 32-35 inches. You've got to go by the airtime, though. It never lies.

  2. To review air time and the corresponding height; 0.8 seconds= 30 inches, 0.86 seconds=36 inches, 0.91 seconds=40 inches, 0.99 seconds= 48 inches

  3. It's really easy to fraud/misinterpret vertical jump by reach methods- you really have to look at the hip height and airtime as well
    I have a link to a legitimate 42 inch vertical if anyone cares to see- the guy is in the air for 10 hundredths of a second longer than Chris, and you can see that his heels reach the top height of his hip joint

  4. You could get even higher if you full stretched out your body with your hands up above your heads while also going on your tippy toes before going down then exploding up! Great fricken vertical bro

  5. wow how much of an improvement was that since you started? what was your vert before you started training for it and setting a goal of 42?

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