Gabriela – Steve Nash Fitness World Success Story

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Gabriela’s Story:
Gabriela is a mother of three and caregiver of three special needs children. Gabriela has spent her entire life devoted to her family. She realized she had accomplished building a home, having an incredible marriage and beautiful children, but her weight was causing her unhappiness.

As such a petite woman weighing 220 lbs., Gabriela knew she wanted to make a change. She wanted to be healthier and thinner – but finding help to reach those goals wasn’t easy.

After trying multiple gyms and fitness facilities, Gabriela joined Steve Nash Fitness World in Delta. She went to the gym on her own a few times, but was recommended by another member to take on Cliff as a personal trainer. Cliff gave Gabriela the tools she needed to reach her goals. He completely overhauled her diet, introduced her to clean eating, how to target different areas of her body in her workouts, and taught her that commitment and discipline are the keys to success. Not only did Gabriela work with Cliff, but she also took different group fitness classes like spin, Zumba and kickboxing.

In 18 months, Gabriela lost half her weight. She is now 110 lbs. and has a 28-inch waist. Friends, family and complete strangers have noticed her transformation, and have told her how inspirational she is to them. She would like to mentor other women, especially in her age range, that reaching their fitness goals is truly possible. Gabriela’s next goal is compete in a body building show. With Gabriela’s determination, training help from Cliff, and our full support, we’re certain we’ll be seeing her up on that stage in Kelowna 2015.

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