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Brian’s Story:
When Brian signed up with Steve Nash Sports Club in Richmond in 2010, he felt overweight, and physically crippled. He has an auto-immune arthritic condition known as Ankylosing Spondylitis (A.S.), that has caused most of his spine to fuse together.

His condition makes it virtually impossible to walk without the help of pain medications, and seems to worsen every year. Despite Brian’s adversity, he never makes excuses to the skip gym.

Brian joined Steve Nash Sports Club with very little knowledge of physical training. With some help from our staff, and his unwavering determination, he’s been able to gain strength and mobility. One day he was chatting with Johnny, a personal trainer. Johnny told him he had already conquered the most difficult obstacle of all: showing up at the gym – and Brian showed up. He took every group fitness class he could handle, continued weight training, and has recently added parkour and kung fu to his regimen. Brian ended up exercising 4-5 hours a day, 6 days a week. He loves the sports club. He’s made great friends, everybody is friendly, and he’s always greeted by name and with a smile.

Today, his condition has evolved to cause intermittent paralysis of his legs and arms. He wakes up not knowing whether he’ll be able to walk or hold a phone. Though it’s painful to train like he used to two years ago, he still makes it to the gym. Being fit has helped Brian regain flexibility and mobility and has given him the opportunity to do more without assistance. He’s built the confidence and skills to try new things. We’re proud of Brian for his commitment to fitness and wish him a speedy recovery from his 2nd spinal surgery in January 2015.

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