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  1. I made his shake for lunch today. Let me tell you, mixing oatmeal, a banana egg whites and peanut butter in a blender and drinking it is NOT as gross as people think. I honestly did NOT taste the egg whites at all in the shake. It made it gooy, but as far as it being gross, it actually tastes great! It tasted like. bannana shake. Im DEFINITELY gonna NEVER buy protein powders EVER again. Im sticking with egg whites. It's SOO much cheaper and WAY more convienent

  2. He says all this yet I swear he owns a company that sells Protein shakes/Weight gainers .. I don't get it?

  3. Pro bodybuilders get the powdered shit for free..they don't have to buy shit. Some are even sponsored by chicken slaughterhouses (i.e Phil heath) so they get the meat for free.

  4. For the first time in 2 years, i went and bought whey protein and used it instead of real food post workout ONLY and i can honestly say, ever since i feel REALLY guilty doing it now. Im definitely gonna stick with real food and oatmeal shakes post workout instead

  5. u r like my gym mentor now haha.. i trully respect u..u give so much awesome advices all the time.. i almost used steroids and because of your videos i stopped even thinking about them.. thanx alot man.. preach brother 👍

  6. This is the best Rich Piana advice ever given. Look at the thumbs up compare to the thumbs down.

  7. I salute Rich in this one, plus for someone that is not going to be professional like him real food is also better beacuse it dosent fuck up our stomach and health. Im not saying that power or creatine do, but mass gainers and shit like that? Eating shit will help you spin your health 180 deegres in bad direction. If you arent going to be professional just eat fucking healthy and move heavy shit. If you arent going to make money out of it whats the point of fucking up your health?

  8. I blend 2 cups of oats into powder. Then I take it out and put 2 cups of milk in, put the oat, 9 tablespoons of egg whites, and a scoop of whey. Gives me 1000 calories, 80g protein, 140 carb, 17g fat. And it takes 5 mins to down. Getting Big

  9. hold on Rich… look at your old mutant video titled "the shake" you are telling people to buy mutant mass and have 4 scoops 2 times a day… Now you're saying weight gainers are bullshit? doesn't make sense.. I know you were getting paid by mutant to say those things but you really don't believe what you were saying

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