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  1. Thanks Dr Moore. I have been doing this daily for 4 months – and beginning to get more movement now. It has become distressing if i do not do this exercise repeatedly every day, because my old rounded shoulder posture still constantly opposes. How long will it take me to train my body (and brain) to hold itself naturally in the desired position? Months, or years? I have one Chiropractic adjustment per week – but cannot afford more any more. It's scary!

  2. when I try to stand against the wall, in order to get my head to touch the wall, i feel as though my shoulder blades are being flexed back. is that correct? thanks and great video…

  3. I'm about 70 lbs overweight at 6 feet tall after being on Zyprexa a long while. i've been off it aobut a year almos tnow but no real weight loss.. perm. metabolism change it seems, was always thin – shame. Anyway, will keeping my neck straight chronically as much as possible help dminish some of the fat deposited heavily under my neck now? I assume fat basically goes where it most easily can fill in.. you're right. I'm sure some is genetic, yeah.. like Brazilian women have bigger butts and so on but yeah lol thanks

  4. Hi Paula Mam I Have posture problem I can't sit state plz tell me how I can sit properly in the chair and I can't go state my shoulder is round plz tell me so I can stand straight 🙏

  5. this is great advice i really have this problem i didn't when i was younger but i really want to correct it now as it affects everything

  6. i have that kind of posture but i cant help it my neck vertebrates are straight and at times i have severe back pain that i cant even move, im waiting for my appointment with the orthopedist

  7. im 32 and my wife tells me all the time about my posture. I didn't think it was a big deal. I just tried your method and I can feel the difference

  8. Fab! Never knew about fat being laid down over neck to protect it from the forward position. Thank you.

  9. Hi Paula
    When standing by the wall, are you're heels & bum touching the walls?
    I can only see you're body waist up, so not sure how connected to the wall your whole body needs to be?
    Many thanks Nicola

  10. This video is valuable for the first thing it teaches alone: that chronic leaning forward can cause the body to build fat at the top of the back, giving you that fat hump look. Goodness me, I gotta stop that right now. Thanks!

  11. You should do more research.. I recommend you look into Dr Joel Wallach and read is book "Dead Drs Don't Lie" and his new one "Epigenetics". He has sued the FDA 9 different times and won. He is the one that made it legal to say Omega 3's and fish oils stop heart disease.. Fabulous isn't the word, LIFE RESTORING is

  12. Osteoporosis is a calcium deficiency from poor absorption.. Fix the absorption and stop the osteoporosis.. Calcium deficiency also adds to contracting muscles not releasing.. I've worked with two different women over the age of 60 with supposed "osteoporosis" and with proper excercise, massage, and stretching it goes away.. Muscles shape the body through tensional integrity, the bones being honeycombed, reshape with every movement and vibration echoing thru the structure.. Fracture would come from muscles tight for too long.. Relive the muscles, put the body in a place of healing, the body WILL repair itself giving enough time..

  13. You are terribly wrong in thinking the hump on someone's neck comes from fracture… When the muscles in the front of the neck (scm, etc.) the muscles in the back become over stretched and injured.. The body being dynamic installs a fibrous strap in support of the heavy head and poor posture

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