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  1. Should I try to maintain the position at all time after this exercise or should I just stand naturally?

  2. can we do that when we are sitting while back against the back of the chair or wall?

  3. Has anyone else, that did these exercises twice a day, experience any upper back pain? I've been doing the exercises for two weeks-ish now, and the pain is pretty serious but I can't tell if it a muscular pain from the exercises.. Its the kind of back pain that feels like it would go away with cracking, but I can't crack my upper back, sad face.

  4. So what about pain in the neck? will this and headaches eventually go away?

  5. this sucks that my leather chair is purely straight and I have to sit on my ass all day with this chair.

  6. which part of my back is supposed to be touching the wall? it seems only the top of my back touches. like my back is shaped like an S

  7. Does one regain any height after the posture is fixed? It would make sense since you stand straighter.

  8. I'm very skeptic that you can actually unbend a spine affect by years of forward head posture just by exercising… never seen a convincing case of success. Does anyone have some to share?

  9. This is quite difficult because it feels weird for my hunchback. Great exercises though, hope it helps! :)

  10. I doubt any of those exercises actually do anything. It's probably a psychological thing

  11. how much of my back should be able to touch the wall? should it be completely flat?

  12. when i am moving my chin in, back side of my neck hurts. should that be happening?

  13. There are only 7 cervical vertebra, not sure what species you need to be to have a C8…

  14. This is a good video and I've been doing these exercises for the past 3 weeks with moderate progress. The only area that might need to change is the step to put your heels against the wall. Its much better for keeping your back straight if you put your feet out in front of you and then allow your lower back to press flat against the wall.

  15. What if I don't have a chin? If I fix my posture I'm just gonna look like a worm.

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