Pilates Exercise For Golf – Upper Body Pilates Machine Exercise

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INTRO: Here’s a demonstration of our upper body exercise we called golf.

Hi I’m Clancy from Inner Strength Pilates and Barre, and I’m Elisa from Inner Strength Pilates and Barre, we’re gonna demonstrate an exercise that we love to do in our former classes, this will not only relax your shoulders and arms, but your overall obliques as well, we called it golf.

So we’ve got one spring on, we’re going to grab on to our little loop here, holding on with both hands, tucking that pelvis right under, now you want to keep your hands shoulder level, we do a deep breathe-in, and on the exhale we swing our arms right off the other side, and then inhale coming back.

Now you want to picture having two little headlights on your hips, try not to let those move, keep them facing the front, and twisting from your waist. Let’s go again, and exhale swing, and inhale coming back, exhale swing, and inhale coming back and going again, we usually go for about 10 of this, right way to work on your obliques, inhale back, exhale swing, and inhale back, and that is golf.

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