Personal Fitness Tips : How to Build Big Wrists by Using Dumbbells

You can build big, strong wrists by using dumbbells to work the radioulnar joint in each wrist while also building up your forearms. Get advice from a professional trainer in this free video on personal fitness tips.

Expert: Billy Beck III
Bio: Personal trainer Billy Beck III has received many professional honors in recognition of his training skills. He owns BB3 Training Center in Weston, Florida.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Series Description: Now you can learn how to develop bigger wrists and pecs, stronger hamstrings, thicker triceps, a flatter stomach and other useful personal fitness tips, with or without the use of weights or other exercise equipment. A professional fitness trainer shows you the ropes in this free video series.

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  1. over time will this exercise actually build a lot of muscle on the forearm/wrist area?

  2. thanks most of this stuff i been doing not that much result doing it with 25 pound dumbbells

  3. Gotta use 55 to 65 pound Dumbbells with this shit with slow proper form though. Some days 50 pound Dumbbells though to play it safe cause doing that much weight can fuck up your wrist

  4. This workout does make bigger wrist because a month ago I could fit my hands around my wrist now I can't a month later

  5. I'm skinny af tried getting a six pack and was realy into it and then stopped but I need to start again people skit me because of my skinniness😭

  6. Yeah i have this problem, i'm like i can weight heavy lifts perfectly (or at least what i consider heavy to me) but ALWAYS the fucking weak wrist gets into the middle.

  7. this will just increase forearms. not wrist size. wrists are bound to be the way they are as you can't add mass to your bone structure. it's just genetics Man.

  8. I'm 11 and I bowl in a league, I do fine but I have to use those weist supports with the metal back so you don't snap your wrist when you bowl (its a term not litteraly snapping your wrist) so I'm gonna try this for a good hour maybe daily, hopefully it works with these ten pound dumbells since that's my ball weight

  9. I remember when i drove with my friends motorcycle for like 5 min, my arms from elbow to fingers became hard as wood i could not even press in my skin. It was because that damn thing was powerful old junk and clutch, brake handles even accelerator was hard to press/ turn and you had to hold very tight on them because that thing accelerated really fast. If only i could do this daily i think that would be the best training for my skinny wrists.

  10. i think it is possible to build bigger wrist but its take too much years of years training…
    like Shaolin Iron Wrist ??? hitting wrist at hard surface like wood,stone etc…and feed it calcium in recovery time. maybe this is works 90%

  11. How often should I do this exercise and how many reps and sets do you recommend???

  12. This Type of exercise only builds my forearms. My forearms are bulging but my wrists are still small enough to wrap my thumb and index finger around. Big disparity. Anyone know a better exercise?

  13. How will I ever get a gargantuan wrist? I don't really want the muscles big, I just want my wrist to be fucking swollen

  14. Hey nice video but I want to know somthing I am so thin and skinny 182CM and 57KG which is better for me going to gym or doing workout at home ?

  15. My wrists and forearms are in poor shape. This will really help, thanks.

  16. Skinny as crap but if I do these work outs it make my wrists look bigger

  17. I'm 29, do pushups everyday, pushbike to work everyday, eat well,but my forarms and wrists are so skinny, does my head in when I put my nice watches on and they just don't look right. Really pisses me off lol, think to myself why am i buying decent watches when I feel so dodgy about how they look on my arm lol, 

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