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  1. these workout bracelets are amazing…i never worked out before i got my fitbit charge hr. but now that i got it…well i still dont do shit but at least people think i do

  2. I pre-ordered two for me and my gf (and the prospect of boxing). I don't know how it is on ios, but on Android it's a half baked product at best. No boxing, constant sync issues to the point I can't do reps or do any daily activity tracking, robotic voice (they can use siri's voice, but not Google voice?). There is so much wrong with it that I know they can't fix it all any time soon, so it's going back. To say this product is a disappointment is an understatement.

  3. hello everybody, 

    I ordered 4 and paid only 49$ per unit but the promotion is ending in a few days.  It's shipped from Singapore so expect to pay the vat.  

    I received them and while I can't comment on the functions yet the material is super nice. Best rubber I've ever touched. And the design in black or red is awesome… Blue and white not so… 

    Would be awesome if you would use my link to move it… Would help me repay the 2 I bought as gift! Thanks!!

  4. Step 1. Piratebay
    Step 2. Download Insanity workout
    Step 3. Buy Cardio Igniter pre-workout
    Step 4. Burn and stop being fat
    Step 5. Save $100

  5. Go to a gym or do some pullups and push ups at a gym…. That jumping jack shit and body weight squat ain't going to do no shit

  6. I really dislike products like this .. fad products will not make you in better shape

  7. What's a good tracker for an experienced athlete then? Too many to choose from please help.

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