P90X Workout, Full Body Class With Tony Horton, Class FitSugar

No doubt you’ve seen the late-night infomercials for the P90X at-home workout — you may have even tried it for yourself. This highly addictive exercise program from trainer Tony Horton combines cardio, balance, strength, and stretch all into a single workout. And now Tony has created this exclusive 10-minute workout for us, combining the best elements from his P90X, X2, and 10-minute trainer programs. After transforming thousands of bodies with his popular exercise program, Tony’s here to transform yours.

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  1. New youtuber here! I stream live workouts mon-fri 10am PST. Subscribe and i'll show the love back:)

  2. Would really like to try this but there is literally no space in my house, and there is no where in my area where I can have space to do this

  3. been trying variety of excercise but keep coming back to this one for years, really effective !

  4. Can't watch this … Please make sum minus this annoying girl!!! Please

  5. wow vou começar a fazer aqui cara vamos ver se fico trincada em noventa dias ** como os caras dos outros videos do p90x

  6. brenda you are not entirely right….some woman develop quicker than others,i personally avoid all these push ups…these woman on here are thin   but i never envied muscles on woman's arms like this….i like thin arms…so i avoid heavy weights..

  7. thanks for your video so much, Mr.Tony Horton. Your video helped me a lot.Wishing you a healthy life.

  8. Okay I'm going to try this for 21 days, it is simple I know I can do it in my living room. 
    Day 1 Done, had to modify the

  9. I started doing these exercises 2 days ago.I did just as many as you did and now am in a lot of pain.Starting off that much was a baaaad idea.

  10. +MAAU  Me too. I really like that program since_
    I dont have to wait days or in many cases
    even weeks to get it and put into action.

  11. i love Tony's workout. This awesome. I sweat a lot. Thank you for posting it. please post more like this…

  12. I love Tony, and I have done P90X… this is cute in comparison but great. The woman is really annoying to me.

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