P90X vs INSANITY – Don’t Make this Mistake

P90X vs INSANITY, don’t make the mistake of picking the wrong program. See the post: http://sweetlifefitness.net/p90x-vs-insanity/
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There are a few differences between P90X vs INSANITY that you should consider if you are thinking of starting one of these ever-popular at-home workout programs. In this video I will share with you my personal thoughts and opinion on the programs and which one might be best for you.

Learn the details: http://sweetlifefitness.net/p90x-vs-insanity/

Here are some of the basics:
P90X – 90 day Program with 60-90 minute workouts
INSANITY – 60 day program with 45-60 minute workouts

Equipment: P90X: Pull-Up Bar and Dumbbells

Chapters of P90X vs INSANITY video
1:10 – Why P90X was created and what it is for.
2:15 – What INSANITY is, and who it was actually created for.
2:52 – Equipment needs with P90X and INSANITY
3:21 – INSANITY when you hate cardio
3:45 – How Long the Programs Are

Depending on your goals with the fitness programs, P90X vs INSANITY could be a completely different choice.

For my personal story, I will say that P90X was my choice. Again, this could vary from person to person, but I am not a huge fan of running and heavy cardio. Instead, I focused primarily on building a foundation with P90X because I enjoyed more of the mix of resistance with slight cardio. I will say that someone who isn’t a huge fan of weight lifting and would rather stick to running, training for marathons, and increasing endurance, INSANITY is definitely the opportunity for you. I have had many Team Sweet Life Fitness members choose INSANITY to prepare for half and full marathons and claim that it helped them really focus in on endurance and agility/speed. BOTH of these programs will help you lose weight as long as you get in, get the support from our Team Sweet Life support groups, and stay committed. You can totally do this!

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  1. Am Mixing P90 Boot camp in the morning and afternoon when am Fully awake am doing P90X. I love kicking my own ass. hehehe!

  2. I'm halfway through P90X and this video was part of the reason I chose it. And gotta say, you were definitely onto something. Helped me make a quality choice.

  3. Bro! I have a question, If i want to get muscles, is better the p90x? Or which other programs are good ones to get muscles?

  4. I started p90X a month ago, but I'm building more muscle than losing fat, would insanity be a better fit for more fat loss and minimum muscle gain? thanks in advance.

  5. how many CDs are in Insanity? A friend of mine gave me three CDs, but I'm not sure how to do the set since its 60 days?? I started the fit test and was dying, but looking forward to doing the rest of the workout…Any info would be appreciated.

  6. As far as Insanity goes; If you don't like Cardio but you do feel like you need to do cardio, its much much better than running, elliptical, bikes and other cardio. Much more enjoyable and less boredom. It just sucks if you don't like cardio, but doesn't suck nearly as much as any other cardio workout.

  7. Just started with Insanity fit test. Got winded during the warmup…gonna be a long 2 months.

  8. Excellent info & reviews. I found p90x to be more of an "at the gym" workout considering the equipment needed. That was a turnoff. Instead I tried out a program called freeletics. Similar to insanity, no equipment and can be done anywhere

  9. How come you cannot close your mouth? Why not see a dentist? It seems to me like you have to much teeth for your jaw size.

  10. I started doing insanity in January and now I'm almost done with it.

    Daaang. It was so hard! And I hate cardio and running too but somehow I'm still able to do it. Although I need to take breaks every thirty seconds it seems like so maybe I'm not actually pushing myself to the limit. I don't know I've definitely noticed I can go longer now and I've definitely noticed results.

    Anyways, good review, I wanted to ask, what would you recommend for after finishing insanity? Would P90x be good?

  11. I don't like running but I am loving insanity!!! It's SO GOOD. Love getting my arse kicked.

  12. Hi my name is Stefany I had never been fit my entire life now I'm 26 years old and I have a 10 month old baby, I really want to get fit no only because I hardly have energy anymore but because of my baby, what would you recommend me to get? I honestly don't have much experience. Thanks I really hope you replay

  13. as a younger person how could i build decent muscle plz give me some info i go to gym and workout but it doesn't seem like its doing much thx

  14. Actually for someone just starting out, it's not a bad idea to do the original P90 home bootcamp first and then to take it a step further move to the P90X workout. May help some to not get discouraged. Still all 3 are very solid ways to get to your goal if you push play and just do it.

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