P90X Results – Matt’s Transformation – 85 pounds lost

Are YOU thinking of doing the P90X Workout? If so, I will coach you for free! My Coach ID is Machimon on TeamBeachBody.com. Click here if you’d like me to coach you for free:

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I’ll coach you on what to eat, what supplements to take and how to reach your goals with the Beachbody fitness programs (p90x, Insanity Asylum, TurboFire, etc.)

In January I was 250 pounds. By July the following year I am 165 pounds and feel great! P90X changed my life. It gave me a new life and I’m not stopping here!

Thanks for watching!!

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  1. Do meal replacement shakes, such as shakeology, really make that much of a difference when trying to achieve your goals? Or does it just depend on an overall healthy diet? Or combination?

  2. Steriods and SARMs have never been so happy. You CAN NOT get the results in any of these pictures with only p90X in 90 days. That is impossible. Unless you ad a bunch of training on top of P90X, you wont even get close.

  3. Wow this has definitely inspired me, day one for me starts today. It's time for a change. I'm at the point where my weight is getting out of control and is affecting my confidence. I hope to get in shape like you Matt.

  4. Nice transformation! I might invest in it. Only thing is I'm a hard gainer so I'm skinny.

  5. Motivation! I just started my journey.. posted my very first video

  6. To get at least on a diet what do you eat every day Matthew and how many times a day? 

  7. Great results. Found it very hard with long days at work and playing other sports too keep it up. 

  8. Can p90x be used to gain muscle mass as well? I know that's really on your diet but I'm just wondering 

  9. I just bought the p90x set.  I hope to get in shape like you Matthew.  My health and weight has been getting out of control.  Its time for a change.

  10. Do you think you need protein shakes to max results? I'm 14 getting ready for high school football and baseball and hockey and I want to look ripped to impress also what schedule did you use

  11. What food did you follow ? How many times did you eat ? did you eat fried food ? please respond with details, Tell me everything about the food you used to eat. Thanks alot and AWESOME! job

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