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  1. A lot of these exercises are definitely not recommendable for anyone with weak lower back muscles (first three minutes especially). A lof of ab routines don't respect the natural movement patterns of the body, and there's an issue with a lot of the exercises in this video. The oblique exercise is an outrage and I wonder if during the sit-ups your lower back keeps contact with the floor. Your body sure looks great, but all the people here who are just starting to work out should just start with correct body posture and some core stabilisation.

  2. you weren't lying about the hip flexor… mine are feeling like straight arabian dill pickles 2 days after

  3. Do you recommend this once a week? I'm just starting to lift weights again, and I'm trying to do a weekly routine, targeting a specific body group (or couple of groups) each day of the week. Thursday is my ab day. Just wondering if I need more ab workouts throughout the week to get chiseled. I'm 160 lbs with a skinny build (but I've got a little pudge gut going on). Thanks for any input you might have, and great upload dude!

  4. Did this workout in high school gym class and track practice every other day and had to college and realized the freshman 15 is no joke.. starting back up again. Thank you so much for this video, I really didn't want to pay for the whole set of P90x…you are a life saver!

  5. Your chest doesn't need more work, studies suggest that too much chest muscle is just as bad for your back as a big belly.

  6. i agree about the music.  just horrible.   you should redo the video with a better , more soothing choice of music. hard to watch with the horrible music

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