90 Days Of Working Out With P90X • LIFE/CHANGE

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Four normal people worked out for 90 straight days with P90X, did it work?

This video is not a paid advertisement for P90X.

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My Time Is Coming
At The Top
Got Game
Face Off
How I Do It
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Special thanks to Firm Body Evolution for the opportunity to use their body composition machine.


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Max Francisco says:

They forgot to diet.

Jessica Fairweather says:

May I just say that dam Ryan…with that body you look like every girl's  dream

dizzizzi12 says:

We used to do p90x in gym class in high school. ugh bad memories

Lilacsbloom says:

They don't look like they've gained much of anything except for the one guy.

Gustavo Rojas Delascio says:

Damn, Kenny ended up looking HOTTTT.

Techiyew says:

the asian girl got a lot hotter

Fin S.H. says:

Are they taking into consideration the fact that they're female when telling them how much body fat they need to lose? Women are supposed to have a significantly higher percentage of body fat than men. It's actually unhealthy for females to have too little fat.

reagan thomas says:

You're not even sweating
I am sweating
Look at my face

diorene says:

I would love working out more if it's with friends. Suffering with others is much better 😂

Aubrynn Hughes says:

Am I the only one thinking Dayshas eyes are so pretty

hudson k says:

this is funny, did they follow the meal plan? obviously not.

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