Fitness and Bodybuilding Over 40…Why Is It So Hard?

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Richard Sullivan, author of “Reclaim Your Youth: Growing Younger After 40” talks about the convenient myth that the older you get, the harder it is to stay in shape. Not so true afterall.
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  1. I quit smoking 5 Years ago and have COPD after 42 years of smoking. I started working out that month for the first time. While I have issues with stamina, I am stronger, healthier, and look better than I ever have since I was 19 and in military. I can curl 110 pounds, and am getting stronger and stronger. I am probably one of the stronger people at my gym. I am proud of that. I intend to eat and work out healthy forever. Also studying Kinesiology to become a trainer for older people that need help learning. Thanks for posting this video. Are you taking T?

  2. I'm still a pup at 39 yrs old near 40,but I was getting convinced about this over 40s shit,from watching YouTube vids of why it's harder to be a bodybuilder over 40,so thx for this as you start to believe maybe their right.
    And like you,I too was worrying about life and my health,it's kinda weird now as I get older,you realise you can't keep bullshitting yourself about your own health and eating what you like,so this did help me.

  3. Damn! no more large blocks of Dime bar chocolate, vanilla slice and ….cakes, lots of cakes…… : (

    61yrs, bit tubby but working on it, with swim & Gym with cycling : )

  4. I I was walking to church listening to this video you're right on point great video

  5. Just take testosterone.

    After 40 your natural test levels decline. There is no reason NOT to go onto testosterone at an old age.

  6. Its in the Mind mainly. I am fitter, stronger, faster more Flexible Cardio vascular fitter, have more endurance ie run faster stronger row better can do Gymnastics better ie pull ups chest to bar almost muscle ups, handstands almost doing handstand push ups i'm 53 in May and I can tell you its possible to improve in a short space of time too. Its a mental game mainly, lots of perseverance, doing lots of Yoga just basics and rolling out on the foam roller, Meditate regular, take recovery seriously, mix in a lot of mobility with bands and wahlah there you can do it. I am doing it.. ok the main answer was a great program, always changing it around, doing 40-50 % weights, 30 % gymnastics and 20 % Mono-structural movements. Run, row, skip, climbing things, Cross Training is the answer roughly to those percentages.

  7. You're in your 60's!!!? You look in your late 40's, early 50's! I gotta admit, me personally, i found it way easier to lose weight and exercise in my 20's and 30's. I lost 140lb back then. Struggling to lose weight in my 40's :-(

  8. Great Richard , you got all my thought , I'm 69 still love lifting and I am sure it keeps sickness away

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