12 Minute Exercise “Shortcut” For Men and Women Over 40

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Karen and I have VERY little time to exercise. Can you relate?

Between 4 adult children, 2 grandkids with another one the way (wooo!) and a business to run, we’re extremely busy to say the least.

But there’s one critical lesson we’ve learned over the years that’s served us well: Health and fitness positively fuels every other area of our lives.

We’re better spouses, parents, grandparents, business owners and friends when we take care of our health.

This is a fact we can’t ignore.

And that’s exactly why we created this 12 Minute Metabolic Secret

It literally cut our exercise time in HALF while DOUBLING our results.

Crazy story…..Karen saw amazing results by using this 12 Minute “Shortcut”.

And she did it right AFTER battling cancer and menopause!

See her results here: http://gl12.net/over40fatloss44

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  1. so would the main goal be to increase intensity? because that would only go so far. if you were to do a larger movement (squats, bench, clean) you most likely would not be able to keep this up without CNS fatigue. I understand the idea behind the training, and used to use jump rope as my form of cardio intra-set, but with more compound movements i would notice a serious decrease in strength and power after 3 or 4 sets. i would like to clarify for my own knowledge just how far you could push the envelope. great video, loving the fact that you use actual studies

  2. Hi Shaun. If you should ever see this, do you have any suggestions for an asthmatic who can't endure running even for a few minutes? I struggle with overexertion and because I'm limited in capacity, I have a hard time losing weight.

  3. what if i do high knees and then immediately do modified push ups no rest in between for 12 minutes? Or Jumping Jacks and then do kettlebell swings. I don't have a treadmill and my gym has the weights in a different part of the gym

  4. If this equipment isn't available a simple trail would work. Run for 30 seconds, stop and do some pushups or squats…….just saying. I like your video. It is very good.

  5. JUST bought you're programme this morning Shaun and did this as my first workout this afternoon fasted. i could only make it through 6 cycles but felt great after and Im severely overweight so it can only be up from here! Wanted t get your thoughts on using creatine with your programme?

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