Most Decorated Olympic Weightlifter – Pyrros Dimas | Olympic Records

Look back on the spectacular career of Greece’s Pyrros Dimas, the Olympic Games most decorated weightlifter with an amazing 1 bronze and 3 gold medals.

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  1. никакой он не грек!а албанец!!!правительство Греции(то,что сейчас издевается над своим же народом)сделало его греком и у него нет и капли греческой.Если бы не изобретении анаболических стероидов никаких сегодняшних" чемпионов"не было бы и их рекордов.они все это сделали на химии-а это обман всех людей.обычные шарлатаны.

  2. so he's not a steroid abuser but kendrick farris is? why? Is it because he's vegan? or is it because he's BLACK!

  3. They forgot to mention that at his last olympics people were shouting his name for over ten minutes so the ceremony had to stop until they finish

  4. Out of curiosity anyone. Why did he power jerk and not split jerk or squat jerk? Is there some sort of advantage or was his jerk just that much stronger than his clean?

  5. hey !i am from greece but if you thing his a coach now ,thing again . he has a lotery shop .

  6. one of the strongest athlete of albania,cause albanians are proud people and piros dimas is illyrian(anciet albanian)

  7. watching weightlifting makes me so nervous because it looks like their elbow is about to give out at any second

  8. If you dont know this man then you dont know sports! What a lifter! True though, weightlifting should recieve more support at grassroot level

  9. that moment when the crowd stand in ovation and cant stop applauding when you got 3d for the first time due to aging.

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