Best Olympic Plates – Weider style Grip Plates Weights review

I have a set of Weider Hammertone Grip Plates that are the best olympic plates I’ve come across. I got them at Sears about 7 years ago. Some brands offer plates with a handle, but I haven’t seen any others that allow you to put your fingers under the plate to make picking it up so easy.

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  1. Nice review! I just ordered 12 of the 10 pounders for my Olympic dumbbell handles. Along with some 5s and 2.5s. Time to get pumped!!

  2. Good review, hopefully these convenient Weider plates are still available.
    How is the weight accuracy, though? I just bought a Weider 7' olympic barbell that's projected to be 45lbs but isn't. It's really nice despite being closer to 30-40lbs.

    I don't know other plate brands that have the convenient fingerhold, but there are some other brands that have that nice gap so they're easier to pick up.  Golds sometimes, Body-Solid Steel, and Teepee Select have handles (IDK how good they are). 

  3. I have not used free weights in years besides dumbells .  I have a Body Solid weight machine that I did my workout video on. I've had that for 16 years now..  When in college, I was a weight training assistant for the KSU Golden Flashes.  At 56 years old today, I can still bench 250lbs.  That's with a rotator cuff I tore 30 years ago too.  Never give up on the aerobic/anaerobic workouts.. You're never too old..

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