Dr. Kavita Sharma, Naturopathic Doctor on Dr. Marla & Friends TV Show February 4, 2013

What is a Naturopathic Doctor?
Modern scientific knowledge with traditional & natural medicine
Adrenal Fatigue 101 – Body’s inability to produce adequate quantities of hormones
Primary Principles of Naturopathic Medicine
-Develop quality sleep patterns
-Encourage healthy eating habits
-Foster loving relationships
-Use Naturopathic Medicine to treat physical, mental and emotional ailments

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  1. Lauren Bennett if you listen again homeopathy is just one discipline and Naturopathy has 6-7 disciplines which if you can understand homeopathy is a discipline taught and included in naturopathic training. Some colleges do also train in "Chiropractic and manual medicine and they can use low and high velocity manipulation.

  2. She can not provide chiropractic care so starting with that lie she called her patients "clients". What a scam….Just get to your chiropractor and they will fix your spine and provide all the advice you need on supplementation

  3. I think it is great that this is going to be aired on TV, it will be great to let people know about the profession. I did however notice that in the slideshow that they posted during the interview noted a couple errors. The first, a minor tissue, was the heading that Dr. Sharma's treatment suggestions were under. Having the heading "Primary Principles of Naturopathy" makes it seem that thats all NDs use to treat various pathologies not just treatment recommendations for adrenal fatigue. Although it is a huge part of how NDs treat, it isn't everything nor is it the primary principles. The second issue is that is stated that Naturopathic Doctors use homeopathic medicine to treat adrenal fatigue when Dr. Sharma clearly stated previously the difference between NDs and homeopaths and in her explanation mentioned herbal treatments. I wonder if you can let the show know to change the errors before the show airs?

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