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  1. Great video Dr. Anna! 🙂 Thanks for the ND intro. I would love to know whether there is any job shadowing or work attachment at ND clinics so that students like us could know more about ND.

  2. Does anyone have any info on the debate of Naturopathic medicine? Some say its quackery. Some say its scientifically proven. Writing a paper on this. Help!

  3. Erm. Let's be clear – you are NOT a doctor. You have NO medical training. You have NO PhD. You are a charlatan who sells vulnerable people (at great expense), non-evidence based potions while shamelessly misleading them about the benefits. There ARE no medically demonstrable benefits.

    By peddling these placebo treatments (and that description is generous), you are, quite simply, immoral, unethical and a utter disgrace.

  4. so awesome, proactive medicine for health and humanity instead of reactive for disease management for profit.

  5. @Thomas Miller:Really?  So leading a healthy lifestyle "doesn't work"?  Here's a funny thing about mainstream doctors and scientists.  So many of them fail to see the direct correlation between proper lifestyle and health.  If one chooses to put baleful substances into one's body, disease will manifest.  If you put pernicious toxins in your body; that is what you get in your body.  How much more straightforward can I be?  Leading a healthy lifestyle will make one healthy.  Being healthy means being disease-free.  Therefore,healthy lifestyle = health = absence of disease.  Does this not mean that leading a healthy lifestyle will make one disease-free?  Of course not.  If you cannot see this, you truly are a moron.  There are cancer-fighting nutrients, like polyacetylenes, present in healthy foods such as parsnips.  These compounds have been shown to detoxify carcinogenic cells.  Are neoplasms not toxic?  Raw, organic celery contains phenolic acids.  They are known to inhibit prostaglandin activity.  The latter is conducive to carcinogenesis.  And, yet another group of compounds – phthalides – have a similar effect to polyacetylenes.  The former is found in celery.  There is no need for cancer "fighting" drugs, like topoisomerase inhibitors.  All they do is block particular enzymatic actions thought to be responsible for cancer.  There is no need for drugs like amsacrine, etoposide, aurincarboxylic acid, doxorubicin, mitoxantrone, etc.  All we need to focus on is how to save the environment.  It all starts with our internal environment.  In order to repair our external environment, first we need to allow our internal environment to convalesce.  The way to do that is to ingest only healthy substances; such as clean air, pure water, and raw, organic vegetables and fruit.  There is actually a notion that we don't need large amounts of protein, per se; what we really need are all of the amino acids.  There are many raw, plant-based foods that contain ALL of them.  Such foods include leafy green vegetables, such as collard greens, arugula and turnip greens, potatoes, and so on.  As far as direct evidence goes, here's something to think about.  Every time I consume unhealthy substances, my overall health deteriorates.  The degree of deterioration depends on how unhealthy my lifestyle has been.  I have noticed that the two are directly concatenated.  I have gotten hemorrhoids in the past.  But instead of seeing an allopathic "doctor", I would simply eat a healthy diet; and they would go away.  In the past, I have also had severe halitosis, as a result of making bad lifestyle choices.  This, too, was cured simply through leading a healthy lifestyle.  A doctor is someone who facilitates the healing process of sick individuals.  Prescribing drugs does not equate to good health for the patient.  Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food."  There obviously must be validity in that statement.  Paracelsus, the father of biochemistry, said, "Fasting is the greatest remedy; the physician within."  Considering the source, that statement also must have been veritable.Now for the whole deal with diseases being genetic.  This idea is probably correct in some of the population.  However, "genetic" simply means the disease was passed down from one generation to the next.  But what CAUSED that disease in the first place?  I'll tell you what:  unhealthy lifestyle choices.  If someone has a hereditary condition, it simply means that their ancestors made unhealthy choices, and caused disease to manifest.  If the disease was NOT genetic, then the ancestors of an individual probably made better lifestyle choices; hitherto the birth of that individual.  Therefore, a disease being genetic does not mean it cannot be cured.So, whether disease is genetic or not, the cure is still proper lifestyle.

  6. Do you have to get your undergraduate degree at a university or can you get it at a college?

  7. Thanks for the info.  My dream is to become a naturopathic doctor.

  8.  Your videos are very informative and helpful. just found out about naturopathic medicine yesterday and I'm hoping and praying to be a ND.. 

  9. Good for you Dr Anna, for going against the grain so to speak, and doing what you believe is the correct form of long term healthcare. Allopathic Emergency medicine saves lives, but it seems to do the opposite for sufferers of long term chronic illness, which comprises the majority of patient doctor visits. People are seeking a more effective and natural approach to these chronic disorders, and Naturopathic medicine is the answer. 

  10. Awesome Video! I really love the information and your passion for prevention of disease and natural healing.

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