Models Secret: Natural FaceLift- No Surgery- The Bat Hang

I am in the modeling industry and i share with you what i have learned about natural facelifts from models, veteran models, scouts, trainers, etc. The inverse hang or upside down hang or inverse therapy or what we call it, “The Bat Hang” has numerous benefits, eg., facelift, nutrients and blood flow to scalp, flushes fresh nutrients and oxygen to the face creating glowing effect. increase sense of well being, relieve depression, improve circulation, relieve and prevent back lower back pain, etc, etc, etc.

I was first introduced to this method when i went to play poker with a few models. When i arrived i asked where so and so was and they said hes doing the “Bat Hang”. So i went into his room and there he was upside talking on the phone. He is from France, 44 years old but uses the age 28 instead. I was shocked to find out his real age and he has been hanging since he was in his late twenties.

In any event, consistency is key. When we travel and we cannot hang inverse using gravity boots or inverse table we will simply do a headstand or handstand against the wall. This is temporary as its a pain in the butt, you cannot stay upside down as long and you will not be committed to do this daily as i tried doing this first. Its so much easier with gravity boots or inverse table, but if you have nothing, then something (headstand and/or handstand) is better than nothing. Consistency is key like almost everything else in life.

In my opinion most of the facial exercises and collagen creams and pills is plain BS. Don’t waste you time and money on any of that crap. Some facial exercise i would see how it works but the amount of time and effort you need to put in to see results is not worth it.

Comment if you have any questions.

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  1. i discovered by looking in the mirror at gym that my skin on my face is very loose i just look like some 95 year old grandpa, even if i slightly hang forward for stretching, i think it is not normal, how do i get a normal skin with normal fat in it, does this training help?
    now i understand why people say to me you look like your angry or sad, i think it is because of my loose skin.

  2. I have been hanging upside down daily for many years, it becomes addictive on a daily basis after a while. Your face gets use to more blood flowing and needs it after it gets use to more nutrients being supplied to it. I can say wrinkles and sagging of the face will be on hold longer than without it. I do it 15-30 mins per day. Sometimes 10 mins if I am lazy.

  3. Great video, informative and inspiring. Continued success. I subscribed- can we see before and after photos? .

  4. This really works, I tried it and have been doing it for four months. Huge difference. I lost  109 lbs and everything was going south.
    This worked for me without spending tons of money under the knife!   Check it out

  5. i personally love hanging upside down. it really feels good to me, so i came on youtube to see if there were any other people who loved doing it.

  6. Just found ur video. I don't have an inversion table or gravity boots, so I just hang off my bed in a modified back bend and modify as needed. I think you are completely right about this!! Thank u for sharing, and please upload more "models" secrets to anti aging. :)) Best wishes to u in ur carer as well.

  7. My friend was in an inversion table for 3 months straight. He has a horrible back and is lucky to be able to walk. He looks pretty dang young for mid 40's. Great hair too.

  8. This video reminded me of the movie "The Crow". haha.. There's definitely some health benefit in it. Yoga and pilati exercise have plenty of inversion in them.

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