Facial Detox Massage Achieve Natural Face Lift Reduce Wrinkles Look Years Younger For Your Age

A Traditional Chinese Do It Yourself Facial Massaging Technique Reduce Wrinkles, Natural Face Lift, make you feel and look years younger for your age without drugs or surgery. Practitioner will notice result with in 3 weeks of applying the technique.Master Tiong The Bamboo Healer is the founder of the system

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  1. thx 4 the video tips and advice hunn just tried it and omg making me very relaxed,sleepy and very warm is this normal? and plc show us more thx winks x

  2. he looks old. there is no way that I will try this. I think every good feeling makes younger then this.

  3. A question pease, u make it just for a half face or all face please reply me and thanks for ur video 

  4. I am so glad that you presist with practicing the technique. It is like body building, it take time to lose fat and gain muscle. normally after 3 months you see good result. go to essentialdayspa website go to forum then click Do It Yourself Face Exercise and click Facial detox massage videos decided to share forum and contribute to the discussion.

  5. one thing i do love most of all doing this daily routine, in the early morning when I do it, I couldve had a very late night up,face feeling all puffy etc, but after the massage,It feels better than splashin it with cold water.just so alive and invigorated.really feels good.i am kinda dont want to share this with my friends, but its a shame to keep it to myself. almost like my own little treasure chest of goodness. 🙂 ty bamboohealer for puttin this up. 

  6. I just want to stop by to share some positive news.I have been doing that hand massage on my face and neck for a couple of months now.At the start,I was developing a nice double chin,(ran in the family) but that didnt deter me, I persisted and today,I checked and its almost completely reduced.Iwould say 98% almost gone.wrinkles are gone,and just sunday a co worker told me I looked in my 30s, and I had turned 48 in january.so there you go, it worked, keeing it up, of course. lifetime thing this. 

  7. This is very interesting. A couple of my model friends use this technique. I, myself use what we call the "bat hang". I made a video on this, check it out.
    I may give this technique a try as well, but for sure you will see results hanging inverse. 

  8. Hello bambooheealer, as a first time, shall we do it twice a day? once a day? or every two days? I will report back and see how i go…and how many strokes after the first week, if we start by 30… shall we then increase?? Thank you you re a bless.

  9. I am glad i found this video…thank you for posting it here…Happy New Year and God Bless….

  10. Hi master . I am confused. You said hand pressed hard on muscle. But the pressure? Harder when I push upwards and slower when I push downwards? Or equal pressure upwards and downwards ?

  11. oh there is one thing that I just love thats been happening…my skin glows. I dont use as much lotion on my face for dry skin as before. 

  12. hi bamboo, just checking in …I have been following the technique now for a month, and one of the first things I had noticed diminish; at 47 now, I used to have those forehead lines, you khow the kind when you raise your eyebrows, you see them . Well they have minimised ALOT. Iwould say almost barely visible now. 😉 

  13. wow; he looks fantastic for his age. I stumbled across this video a couple of days ago, and started doing it too. Left my face a bit tingly. But I have to say, I am beginning to see a difference already. GOD bless 🙂 

  14. Hand press hard against the muscle. do not need lotion or water
    for the first week do it gently. 3 x 30 strokes maximiun per area

  15. Do the hands glide over the skin with lotion or water or does the hand press against the muscle and move it back and forth under the skin? I need to do this correctly. Thanks

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