Law 2: Train to Gain | 10 Laws Of Muscle-Building | Dr. Rob Wildman

Before you hit the weights, make sure you know these 5 basic training principles for maximum muscle growth!

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I know, I know, you’re champing at the bit to get started in the gym. Although I’m glad you’re enthusiastic and ready to go, it’s important that you learn sound training principles before you start hitting the weights!

My second muscle-building law is about the five training principles you’ll need to know before you start lifting for growth. Watch the video, take some notes, and then go hit the gym! |

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  1. Nearly all men still think they must exercise for hrs at exercise room to build abs. It is absolutely wrong! Actually, without proper nutrition plan, even the hardest workout is worthless.

  2. You'd better not spend your time and effort on hours of traditional sit up and crunches or any drugs since they will not help you get ripped abs.

  3. There's a mutual exclusive law between exercise intensity and exercise duration. In other words the harder and more intense your exercise the shorter the duration of that set. More volume (sets) does not equal more muscle size. Its scientifically impossible…period. Compare a sprinter and a distance runner and you'll see my point. The more muscular sprinter is due to intense explosive efforts over a shorter distance. Same thing for exercise physiology. Check out Arthur Jones training methodology and Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty training.

  4. Muscle is not able to count reps. So saying that 12 reps is for hypertrophy is not true. If reps within 10-20 seconds range it's for strength and 20-40 seconds range is for hypertrophy. This mean that I can have 20 reps during 30 seconds and it still will be for hypertrophy.

  5. so i'll start going heavy first, burn up and wake up the muscle then lower it to feel the burn even more? how does that sound…?

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