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  1. The second outfit (white tank/black leggings), and the second to last one (black/gold swirly top, long sleeves, black leggings) looked amazing on you – outstanding!!  The last one was just plain sexy, to my way of thinking…except for the hat.  You really look good in this stuff.  Can you tell me what the leggings are?  They don't look like simple black tights.  That looked like a pocket or some feature on them.

  2. I don't give an f whats socially acceptable, i think if a man wants to wear something like leggings they shouldn't give a crap what society says because they don't have any right to give anybody sh*t for what there wearing or what they look like

  3. Men have worn tights since the 14th Century way before Women started using them, so anyone who says men can't wear them needs to educate themselves on the topic. It is important to still keep them reasonable with some front coverage, no rips or tears, solid color and kept clean with proper underwear so it doesn't bunch up. So in respect I wouldn't do the last one, that's where it's starts to turn more feminine but besides that great video.

  4. Thinking about it leggings also seem practical for travel. Last time I was in the airport I saw like 99.99% of women wearing leggings. It would be easier going through security 🚨, no hassle taking off your belt and emptying pockets. Plus sitting on the plane ✈️ for hours on end they would be very comfortable. Plus it gives you something to talk about with the person sitting next to you.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this video!!!! I LOVE leggings and wear them every chance I can. They are so comfortable I don't care if they are for girls or not, I will totally subscribe to your channel.

  6. I san going to coontemporary dance classes and the second loook , its my go to loook. Thanks

  7. This are not man leggings it's for girls there's no space for your dick ohh wait you don't have one you gay as Justin bieber

  8. Highkey my dick to big to wear this ish, I'll stick to my compression shorts for the gym

  9. Great video! I rock your first look regularly, and MANY guys at my gym wear them. Thank you for the video – you gave me some ideas. Respect…

  10. I feel like they should make clothing fit any gender because people should wear what ever they want with out being judged

  11. Hey.. sports leggings fans here. Always wear them at the gym. Great ideas. My favorite look is the short sweater with boots. Looks awesome. Love your confidence. I see a great future in fashion for you. Maybe a stylist? ha ha.

  12. what other shoes do you recommend to wear with leggings? i usually wear converse. also thanks for making a vid on this!

  13. The closest things i wear to leggings are skinny joggers, but a part of me wants to wear them xD

  14. would you ever try leather leggings? if so what would you wear with them, also great video!

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