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  1. clothes are clothes, nobody calls a girl a lesbo because she wears trousers. why should girls have all the nice clothes ?

  2. Women's tights are wonderful! Thank you for your interesting, encouraging, helpful, file! Blessings, and peace!

  3. Actually tights were a major part men's fashion throughout history. It was only around the 1800's did the men begin to look at tights more for women's fashion. Check out how King Louis XIV dressed. By today's fashion standards. He would be very flamboyant & feminine. There was a time in fashion history where the men dressed more flamboyant & more colorful than the women of the day. Kind of like what the male peacock is compared to the female peacock.

  4. you seem a bit naive because being a crossdresser doesn't automatically mean a guy is gay. i think women generally take for granted their ability to wear just about anything they want to whether it's pants or dresses. clothing shouldn't be gender specific,and society needs to get over it. being a fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios is not a bad thing!

  5. first of all debbie hart is my sister. she saw this video and thought i would like to comment on it. i'm a crossdresser. i don't particularly like having to be labeled for my preferred choices in clothing,but somehow society dictates that people have to be put into categories,so be it. the only reason i have to be called this is because "men's clothing" is boring, drab and unappealing to me. anything colorful,blousey or tight is considered feminine,and if a guy wears it he's gay. i'm not gay.. i hate men's pants,especially baggyassed jeans. look around you tomorrow and see how ridiculous guys look yanking up their pants every five seconds. i would rather wear leggings or a skirt and tights or pantyhose than be seen in baggyass pants. i've phased baggy jeans out in favor of leggings and especially jeggings. i hope more guys will do the same. as for tights, i love them. i've worn them since i was a little boy. i'll be the first to admit they give me a thrill when i wear them,but i think women feel the same thing. there's nothing wrong with having a clothing fetish whatever it is whether you're male or female. by the way ladies,please let us guys in tights know you're interested in us. knowing which of you are into it is kind of hard to figure out!

  6. Tights | I love wearing tights with a knee length straight skirt , it feels really nice to be out in the open wearing a tight skirt and tights |

  7. people can wear what ever they like 2nd i dont care if u wear tight or u dont so plz get a life

  8. Tights and leotards look good and feel great. I wear them everyday. Why should girls have all the fun?  :)

  9. First off I don't like your attitude. Why is it that what makes me feel comfortable and warm makes you feel awkward or anything to talk about? Nobody gives a flying fuck about your opinion. You seem like a conceded BITCH, these videos prove my point. I guess you make these videos cause you have no one else to vent or talk to, and must think that anybody gives a flying fuck about anything you say. To anyone that watches this. Save the 20seconds of your life. This video is terrible, and is about one persons opinion. Which nobody knows or cares about this persons opinion. Just stumbled across this on YouTube. Because I am a STRAIGHT guy who wears leggings, to lounge around my house, workout in, or clean in. I also wear them underneath my jeans to keep my legs warm in the winter due to me getting severely cold in winter weather. This video has absolutely no point. It's just a girl talking about her opinion and what she does. Which honestly nobody knows this girl or gives a fuck about her

  10. tights does not make you gay … I will put the point across. .. tights were originally designed for MEN . tights being solid dark colours … then fashion changed and men stopped wearing them & woman started wearing them hence name changed to pantyhose. I wear them on cold days as they are basically long socks joined together. They make my legs feel warmer and can hardly even feel them as they are close to my skin. They also stock my legs from rubbing. It does not make that person weird/gay If you check the history of them it resorts back to men..

  11. I wear compression tights in the gym, mainly on legs days. They keep my legs warm and loose and provide a little support for the muscles. In the winter, i'll wear them under pants to keep warmer. I'll wear them around the house since they're very comfortable. I don't wear them when i'm out and about since my tights are all sports oriented. There are times when i'm visiting New York City or head to the beach, I will wear a pair of running tights when taking a walk around the city, just because they're comfortable. I am a straight male and think people don't have enough to do in their life if they're staring at someone in tights or whatever else clothing they're wearing and making rude comments. Back in the 90's, a lot of men wore tights in the gym and nobody thought anything of it. For some reason, society gets on these trends where they are offended over what someone wears. I'll never understand it. I guess it's something else for people to bitch and cry about in their miserable lives. Maybe they feel better about themselves for making fun of others.

  12. MEN wore tights years ago, women stole them. Men wore short skirts years ago, women stole them, Horsemen wore heels years ago, women stole them. Men have been wearing trousers for about 200 years, women have stolen them………… now women get to wear skirts , dresses, trousers, shorts, tights, stockings, heels, flats, whilst men are now expected to only wear TROUSERS!!!!!?????!!!! how the fxxx is that equality? Clothing has no gender. get over it. You dont need to be gay male to claim back tights. Sportsmen now wear tights regularly, cyclists have worn them for a long time. I wear them for circulation issues and refuse to hide them so I skirt or kilt over them. and by the way, trousers are not made for the male anatomy, whereas stretchy tights are.

  13. So sad. You're a girl and never wear tights… Tights makes woman legs look so much better then bare.

  14. sorry i wanted to be nasty with u but i couldn't u should go out more often thats what happens to ppl that lives in a closed word guide by social !! thats y i love other countries they don't give a fuck i gues u do by the way u talk 

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