Balanced and supported performance

Enhance your running performance with Core Balance and Leg Balance technology

Support your back, knees and legs in this tight fit, full length BALANCE TIGHT, designed to support your waist, lower back and legs.

These tights are specially designed to help you:

– stay warm with breathable fabric technology that keeps sweat away from your skin
– improve posture with Core Balance, highly elasticised panels at the waist and lower back for improved posture and movement
– reduce muscle fatigue with Leg Balance, highly elasticised panels at the thigh and sides for knee cushioning and less muscle fatigue
– improve visibility with reflective ASICS detailing designed onto the fabric

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  2. I guess women are just as gay wearing tights which was originally designed for men.

  3. i love these tights. never felt better. me and my wife look great both wearing tights.

  4. I may take up jogging just to be able to wear crazy stuff like this….. Gay men and spandex……like peas and carrots……Two great tastes that taste great together….Asics and a gay man's butt….hee hee Yay! I'm off to the Asics store. Bye. Yay!

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