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  1. Good god, Rogan is friends with Steve Maxwell – how is he not better at using these Kettlebells.

  2. Lmfao- Holy shit! in that very Last few seconds of the clip where Joe talks about starting out with lighter weights to first get the proper form, Aubrey says "Yeah dont do Heavy Weights to Show Off" and looks Right at Joe and Laughs! LOL … that definitely was a shot at Joe i bet! – just look at joes Face after Aubrey says that and Pause it! lol…

  3. I Would LOVVVVE To get those KettleBells that Joe's Using… BUT… u would have to Always Make SURE to turn it the other side around to not Tattoo those Monkey Faces all over your arms LoL.. But they DO Look DOPE AS FUCK thou.. Definitely a Great Show Piece kind of thing…

  4. For all the Joe Haters out there – First off, Joes 50 Years Old!…Second,He's using 70lbs because He CAN,and is doing it for Short/Strength/Mass Reps.. also he's probably trying to show off a bit,(so what).. Third of Course he's going to be "out of breath" Ya'Faggatrons!! he just Ripped through a VERY Difficult work out!, and its NOT BECAUSE OF HIM SMOKING WEED EITHER YA'FUCKTARDS!! Weed Actually Opens up ur Lungs a bit, and besides all that – Joe does Smoke "24/7" like some Cuck said somwhere in the comments.. and Lastly.. Joe Does do Steroids… i Hate to admit this… But he even said it once i believe.. But He Has to, At His Age he would be physically able to get muscle gains and it would be very difficult at his older age to maintain his muscle mass… No Matter What Diet, and No Matter What or How many Supplements a person at that age can take wouldnt do JACK shit – in getting and maintaining the kind of Shape/Size of Joe i mean.. as far as just being Lean and in shape.. thats a different story.. So to the Haters of JOE in these Comments… TRY and DO that work out he did with Just a 25Lb or 35Lb KettleBell- See what happens and THEN Talk ur Shit! 🐵

  5. I don't know if Joe is doing those cleans correct or not. But that's not important. What's important is his face. And that shit is hilarious! LOL!

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