Fitness Blender’s Beginner Kettlebell Workout – Kell’s Kettlebells Routine for Total Body Toning

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Kelli is using PowerBlock’s Adjustable KettleBlock™ 40, you can find it here:

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  1. oh mein gott yup a good one very deceiving at first round but buy the third round i was feeling it

  2. What a great workout and it was fun! Although I accidentally threw the kettle bell on the floor during the 'kettle bell figure 8 swing' loool

  3. ~Brother walks into my room~
    Brother: ….
    Me: ….
    Brother: Do I NEED to ask why you're swinging that purse around?
    Me: It may, or may not have 10 pounds in it…
    ~Brother slowly walks out of the room~

  4. I did it! I just cannot believe it! 🙂 So proud! Thanks a lot for this great workout! :)

  5. i have tried this work out 3 times before and could not complete it. Today i finally got it done. i had a couple of pauses to stretch my back but i got to the end!!!! thanks for sharing

  6. Even though this is "for beginners", I'd say that it's one kickass workout for anyone who likes to push themselves. I use a kettlebell of 8kgs which is..what, 17.5lb, and it's a perfect weight for me. I always come back to this vid when I wanna work out at home and just have no clue what to do (read:can't me arsed to think whathowmanytimingetc.)

  7. awesome workout. I got through round two. kicked my butt!!! had to pause to get a drink. Sweating like the dickens. Okay here we go around 3. Good job!!! btw since this is my first time, I used 5lbs for everything except dead lifts…then I went to 10lbs.

  8. Hi. WHats the weight on the kettle bell. I have a 12 lbs weight kettle bell. And I weight 75kgs with a weight of 5"4… Should I use a lighter kettle bell or this one would be ok?

  9. I like this workout, but I have a tough time doing the 'kettlebell cleans'. I have a regular kettlebell (regular handle, ball shaped kettlebell) and cannot seem to handle it the same way Kelli handles here differently designed kettlebell. I keep slamming the kettlebell against the back of my wrist, or trying a different method, seem to put strain on my wrist by flipping the kettle back from front to back over my shoulder. I'm still trying to figure out how to do this particular move without injuring my wrists.

  10. Don't let the word "Beginner" fool you. This is still a great workout that will make you break a sweat :)

  11. Excellent workout! Please make more videos using kettlebells! Greetings from Guatemala :)

  12. I have a back and knee problem and was advised to use a kettlebell not heavier than 4kgs coz of back so will I do any benefit and loose some weight pls?

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