Raw Foods and Alkaline Diet FULL HD

Urban Shaman Production, NZM Vid presents: Ambassador Junior Lion and Empress Isis preparing Raw Food based on Dr. Sebi teachings. Watch as they explain and teach of Alkaline Foods and raw food preparation. Great information and very well explained. Good food. Featuring Juicing, Stuffed Foods, Raw Vegan Pizza. Enjoy

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  1. thank you for this wisdom and knowledge, i just hope u dont use the microwave. greetings n one love

  2. you said not to heat olive oil  its toxic but u baked the pizza dough
    ?…. use grapeseed oil it can be heated

  3. I love the way you talk to her. You treat her like a queen. … So gentle!!! Love you two!!!

  4. This is great stuff, I support your work such a great team. Keep the videos coming.

    Thank you.

  5. hey there what is the title of dr. sebi alkaline food/drink recipe for purchase? Thank you

  6. Beautiful.. I love the music, food and knowledge of our people.. I look forward to my new life of change.. thank you for sharing the love.. RIP Dr. Sebi You will continue to live in our people…. peace and love

  7. Loved the video , looking forward to more videos like this, healthy , clean and loved how you added that it's dr.sebi

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